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  1. So I found out today that a girl I went to HS with and her friend who I've met died in a car accident last night =(

    They were on their way home from a Walmart last night and it was real rainy, I guess they hydroplaned into a trailer. The worst part is that it was a black Cobalt, dark outside, and the trailer where they wrecked was in an Autobody shop, filled with other destroyed cars, so no one even noticed anything when they drove past. They just found them this morning when the shop opened up.

    I wasn't really too close with them, but I've partied and chilled with them before, real cool girls, like to toke, drink, and just generally fun to be around. Not bad on the eye's either. Def would consider them friends. Just sucks.

    Beth, I just whooped your ass in beer pong a few weeks ago, never would have thought last time I saw ya. Keep the party going up top.

    Tonight, my bowl goes out to them, Rest Easy Beth & Sammie, One Love
  2. I'm smoking a bowl for them now bro.
  3. RIP. sucks when people
    Die at such a young age. This next brownie is for you Beth and Sammie!!
  4. Rest in peace Beth and Sammie.
  5. thanks guys, a shitty situation
  6. R.I.P man, sucks.. just out of curiosity though, were they hawt?
  7. above poster is a troll... damn.

    sorry bout your friends. that sucks man, RIP

  8. what the hell? stop starting shit in this thread, and detracting from the valuable question i was asking..fs.

  9. You from anywhere around Springdale?
  10. Nearby, its def the people your thinking of.

    And no offense taken, they weren't bad looking, but they were sweet regardless. I'm lighting up now for em
  11. Damn bro, wish I was closer, I'd come smoke a fatty blunt wit ya.

    Keep your head up homie
  12. I'm sorry bro, 2 weeks ago my friend got ran over by 3 cars, such tragedies when people die at such a young age.
  13. Thats awful man. The loss of anybody young is a tragedy in my opinion. Could happen to any of us... our friends and loved ones included.

    Im studying now, but when i re-up tonight i'll dedicate a toke and a moment of silence to them...

    Stay safe everyone.
  14. Smoking for them again mane stay up.

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