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  1. Okay, so I am having a REALLY, REALLY hard time grasping this one....

    So, about 2 days ago a friend of mine whom I used to serve the occasional sack to killed himself. He was a nice guy really, he was about 19 or so.

    So the night before he gets into a fight with his girlfriend of like 2 years or however long it was. Over some real petty bullshit; one accused the other of cheating. The argument proceeds,insults are thrown back and forth, and so on and so on. Finally my friend says to her that he is going to kill himself, and the fucking bitch says "GO AHEAD!". So, that night he called everyone of his friends, and explained he couldn't go in anymore living this life, that he was tired of living a life that he couldn't handle, and that he loved everyone. He even posted this on his Facebook. That same night he hung himself.

    So, I guess my real problem with this whole situation is...

    Why would a kid at 19 hang himself, over a dumbass girl.
    I understand being in love and yada, yada. But at the end of the day.. is a four letter word and a vagina enough to want to end your life?
    But, then again maybe there were some extenuating circumstances, but still.
    I mean really? What is our society coming to, that we have teenagers
    so overstressed that they feel the need to commit suicide?
    Honestly, these questions are a lost cause.
  2. Sounds like a weak minded individual to kill himself. I bet the next day him and his girl woulda been fine. But his girl was a dumb ass for saying some stupid shit like that.

  3. Agreed
  4. Best thing to do is not over analyze it. i had a cousin who shot himself in the head over some fight with his girlfriend. The simple answer is he was weak and decided to take the easy way put. It sounds harsh but it's true. When you accept that it will be a lot easier to deal with and you can move on.
  5. I have to agree here. Killing yourself over a fight with your girlfriend is just spineless and weak. Deal with your problems.

  6. Woah, lets not get this twisted. This isn't some plea for help type shit.
    I liked the guy and all and I'm very sorry for his close friends and family.
    I just don't understand what in the hell people are thinking sometimes.

    Errrr...... I think I'm about to go burn one BRB
  7. Like someone said, weak minded. They for whatever reason cannot see themselves with someone else. I knew someone who killed himself because of some girl not wanting to be with him anymore. To other people, like us perhaps, it seems so silly and petty to take such a drastic measure. Perhaps she should have not said that because he was mentally unstable (it seems)? May I ask if he called everyone and told them what he was doing to do, why didn't someone go over and stop him before he did it? Maybe he had planned to do this and was just looking for an opportunity to occur for him to do this. Whatever the case, as horrible as it sounds, only the strong survive.

  8. Well for one, he lives on a farm. He hung himself in one of his many barns, he wasn't trying to be found it seems. Because he was found in the farthest one from the house. I'm not sure if anyone did rush over there and wouldn't be surprised if many people did. The fact of the matter is, he would have been done with his deed way before anyone would have come close to finding him.
  9. My dad actually recently killed himself, but its because he suffered from deep depression throughout the past 10 years or so but sometimes I just cant stop thinking about it, I think about what he was thinking and if he would have just thought things through but yeah. Sorry for your loss man.
  10. sorry for you man that sucks... but to be honest suicide is for the week. not once ever have i had such a bad day that i think i wanna end it all. i understand some people are just mentally unstable like depression and what not but its pretty selfish to take your own life. and i think hanging is one off the worst ways to do it. second only to blowing your brains out... could you imagine coming home from a normal day at work and finding your son in the garage in a pile of his own blood/brains and having to clean it up and shit ? and hanging youre just walking around looking for him and you check the barn and theres hid dead lifeless body just dangling there ? that would haunt you forever. if i was ganna commit suicide i would buy a big ass bag of _______ and shot it all and nod my ass of till i died.
  11. man im sorry i hope his family and friends are doing okay:(
  12. I'm going to have to disagree with you people for saying that suicide is for the weak minded.

    It's an incredibly important idea in most parts of the world. Think about Kamikaze, Sati, Thich Quang duc...

    Does it give you a strong mind to die at the age of 90 by falling in the shower? Does it mean that you have Olympian-esqe will to get hit by a bus?

    I don't mean that killing yourself over some bullshit fight with a girl is a good idea but you can't say that people are weak minded for wanting to go out in the way that they want to go out.

    "They tell us that suicide is the greatest act of cowardice... that suicide is wrong; when it is quite obvious that there is nothing in the world to which every man has a more unassailable title than to his own life and person."

    -Arthur Schopenhauer


  13. You know, that is the most indepth paraphrase I've heard all month.
    Thats some real shit, and its a good point.
  14. You don't even know this kid, and you're passing judgment on him based on suicide? I doubt the girl played 100 percent into his suicide.

    Weak minded? Some of the most brilliant and strong minded/willed(Thích Quảng Đức
    comes to mind, lol)
    people ever to live have killed themselves. Suicide is an extremely personal decision, and I find calling this kid "weak minded" is just a simple and vague way for one to express distaste for people who commit suicide. I'm not defending it, I'm not saying it's good, I was good friends with somebody who ended their life, and they were most definitely not weak minded.
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  16. I think it's very sad that someone can call their friends, post on Facebook and still end up succeding in their attempt. WTF people? Life is hard and sometimes the pressures that come with it become overwhelming.

    I guess I feel a little surprised at the 'he was weak' comments. Not much compassion for a compassionate group.
  17. Honestly, I dont think we have enough information to conclude his mental state just from a paragraph or two. He could have been weak minded, we dont know. Perhaps he had some underlying condition, depression (clinical), schizophrenia, or just a lot of stress outside of his love life. What is done is done, I wont question his legitimacy, or justification for committing suicide, but I hope he is at peace now.
  18. Sometimes I think this will be my fate, I don't consider myself weak minded, I just get major anxiety if I get into any kind of serious fight with someone I really care about, and in that state the only thing I want to do is hurt myself. I think it began because of my abusive drunk mother, who stabbed me, and after that I was walking to a local lake/river to drown myself but the police stopped me when they saw me walking down the road dripping blood at 4 in the morning...

    Broke my own hand after a fight with my mother when i was 13 or 14, I started smoking weed and moved out of her house at 17 and I've had a lot less anxiety since then, but get into a big fight with the gf and my entire body starts trembling and shaking and the only thing i can think about is hurting myself.

    Sometimes I just feel like one day there's gonna be a fight big enough to push me over the limit
  19. Don't think that way. (If you can.)

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