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  1. Took her out yesterday and sat with her on the grass, packed her a few times as much as she could take, caressed her with one hand as I treated her with a little fire with the other and I knew she was enjoying every second of it just as I was. our love was forbidden, secrets kept well but suspicions shadowing every move....:eek: The garage door is opening I had to think fast, I hid her even though she deserved better and rushed to the back door with a sense that all was well, that I could be with her another day... but the bitch fell out of my pocket when I walked through the door.

    FYI I am 20, just to anyone thinking I'm under 18, still liven with mama.
  2. Good story telling...shitty story tho. Ive never had my parents take my shit when i lived with them
  3. lol awesome way to re-tell. Too bad for your piece.
  4. Im sorry dude, my condolences.
  5. hmm intruiging, this bowls for you my friend
  6. rest in piece piece lol. i like the fact that my mom smokes cause she dont care that i do :D
  7. haha do u write paper back novels?
  8. excellent writing.

    sorry for the loss

    you really pulled me in with that story

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