Discussion in 'General' started by namron_420s, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. my best friends mother died today

    i am sad.
  2. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] .my thoughts are with you and your friends family.Theres a joke somewhere here l posted about ,you know who ya real friends are when they know ya mom and dad.lt was funny at the time but right now its sounds real fair to me .You are a friend .
  3. norm, sorry to here honey...I hope you aer doing ok. and be sure to take care of your buddy. he needs you more than ever now! ill be thinking about you and your friend norm!
  4. sry to hear that, my sympathies to u and familiy and friends involved!
  5. agreed with critter..a good way to put it.
    sorry namron, and very sorry for your friend :(
  6. i am sad.

    the first thing about this woman i noticed when i met her was her hair, her beautiful long black hair. she had cancer. the last time i saw her was at my best friends graduation. we werent on good terms, thats what hurts, thats why i am sad, a person that i loved, a person that i fucking loved DIED not being on good terms with me.
  7. I'm so sorry, Norm. I don't really know what else to say except that I'm thinking about you and sending you some good vibes to help get you through this.
  8. i dont need a preaching or lesson.

    this woman terribly disliked me because her son and i smoked pot together, she banned him from me, but we still hung out anyway, there was no way he was ever supposed to ever talk to me again according to this womans feelings towards me.

    i cared deeply about this woman
  9. I thought it might have been her, Norm. I'm sorry. There really was nothing you could have done to make things better with that situation. I remember it and I remember how bad it made you feel for so long.
  10. I'm sorry for your loss Norm, its tough being as young as you are and having to face a loss like this.

    I, myself, am dressed to go to the funeral home tonite. I had a friend at work die of a heart attack this weekend.
  11. I dont know what to say and I dont think there is anything I can say...but that sucks man. :(
  12. I'm sorry, Norm. If you ever want to talk, don't be a stranger. You know I'm here for you.
  13. karma and a toke for you, your friend and his deceased mother


    I wish i had something wise to say, but all I can offer is comfort.

    We're here for you if you need us. Same to you BPP, I know it's hard to lose anything you care about, much less a person.
  14. indeed.....
  15. wish I could come over and roll you a joint...

  16. i am at peace now, after several palavers with my friend we came to the conclusion that it wasnt her, it was what she was going through.
  17. dude I feel for your friend and your self. Cant say or do anything that in any way could make anyone feel any better norm but if I could you'd deserve it. Condolances to your friend.

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