R.I.P. Ziggy

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  1. my first peice =[



    molino mini bong. this thing was so badass, it ripped like a champ. i smoked up dozens of friends and even a few family members from it. i took it everywhere with me since it was so small, and smoked pretty much everywhere in town with it. it served me well, many many bowls of dank were packed, although the shitty phone pic does no justice. i guess i'll start looking at vapes now, this next bowls to you ziggy.. RIP
  2. man what happened!?!
  3. I'm sorry for your loss, may he rest in peace..
  4. i was cleaning it this morning in the sink whilst stoned and my hands were slippery. take a guess at the next part =[.
  5. lmao, when i saw this i seriously gasped to myself in a depressed manner.

    so sadd, that thing looked dope. But the glass looked mighty thin and fragile.

  6. Damn dude, fucking sounded like an awesome piece, Ziggy.
  7. My condolences, anyway that is pretty much how I broke my bubbler the other day. I went in the bathroom to change the water in it, and put the water on full blast and when i put my bub under it, it shot the bub out of my hands and it shattered in the sink. Lmao.
  8. sorry dude, but milano glass is like a blown bubble, it can pop any second. Try to go for some thicker glass on your next purchase.
  9. that looks like such THIN glass. i am surprised it lasted as long as it did. have never heard good things about molino and i guess that the second pic sums up why that is. looks like it was waiting to be broken with the .25 mm glass thickness on that bad boy, but sory for your loss. good news is, it's time for a new piece.
  10. It really is thin though, it's comparable to a lightbulb. Definitely go for thicker glass on your next purches. But it does suck losing a piece no matter what it is.
  11. yeah, i knew it was thin as hell but i liked it because it was small and handy. i mean i could smoke literally ANYWHERE with it,, like in the back of movie theaters and shit. it was a fun peice to carry around and easy to hide.
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    it happens... one time my friend loaned me his really really nice piece for a few days on the condition that i would clean it. while cleaning it, i dropped it in the sink and it busted into 10 pieces.

    rip ziggy
  13. Did you reimburse your friend after you broke his piece?
  14. Damn dude i feel your pain it really hurt when my first piece Jamal went down to...
  15. yea, i did. 120 dollars. :(

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