R.I.P. Tragedy upon tragedy :/

Discussion in 'General' started by meddlehaze, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. We all know how this goes. Just need some support I guess.
    I just got word that my cousin who was stationed in Afghanistan, died.
    He was such a chill cousin, one I grew up with. I will definitely miss him. It hasn't completely sunk in yet :(

    Rest in Peace, I love you.


    *He's on the far right.
  2. Man I am so sorry for your loss. Your cousin must have been such a courageous guy to do what he did for our country. I cannot even fathom what you must be feeling. I will pray for you and your family...
  3. Rest in peace.

    Sad day.

    I still don't know why 'we're' over there. Needless.

    I'm sorry for your loss.
  4. Appreciate that. So much
  5. Sorry to hear that. My sympathy goes out to you and your family.
  6. I'm really sorry. No matter what your politics and beliefs are, you have to respect someone who risks their lives for someone else's well being. RIP
  7. My next bowl goes to your family, brother.
  8. RIP, my condolences to you & your family
  9. You guys don't realize how much these posts mean. It's truly uplifting to hear people care
  10. Tragedy. I'm sorry man.
  11. I am sorry about your loss bro, Your cousin was a hero serving our country like that.
  12. I'm sorry for your loss sir.

    Regardless of the motives of the war he died a worrier and a hero.
  13. Im sorry for your loss man.

    I lost a few friends in Iraq, and i do feel your pain.

    I hope your doing OK.

    Best of wishs to you :)
  14. I was going to do some finals week projects when I got home, but now I will be sparking a bowl in honor of your cousin.
  15. One of my buddys is over in afganastan and he just got on facebook today and I had a chat with him. He said hes fine and that his humvee was blown up twice and he saved his captain from being killed. He said he got a metal for it also. He also said like 11 people have died in the last 2 months. Sorry about your cousin, not everyone is as lucky. :(
  16. I'm sorry for your loss, my condolences :( shits rough. R.I.P
  17. wow man sorry for ur loss. Most dont truly understand what its like to b in a war zone. May he rest in peace and your famly is in my prayers. The good die young and im sur hed want you not be upset, try to take care of his parents in there time of need.He was with the 101st?Im sur allof his bros from the army are fucking kickin some hogi ass 4 him.
  18. He died a hero. R.I.P.

    Stay strong, dude.
  19. Just knows he's all good and once you see him again you'll never have to worry bout these moments

    I'm sure he's still very much alive and well
  20. Sorry for your loss man! Me and my friend will be lighting a good one in his honor!

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