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R.I.P to a great friend...

Discussion in 'General' started by GaNinja, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. Woke up to news this morning that one of my best friends OD'd on Heroine last night...the news hasn't really hit me yet but I know it soon will...Im all out of tears for the moment which is a good thing I guess...Im just in total shock and ask that any of our religious blades pray for my friend and his family...and I hope all blades will dedicate their next toke to Kyle...may you Rest In Peace Friend...until the day we meet agian...:(
  2. I know it's really hard to lose a good friend. Just remember those good times with your homie man, it's all you can do at the end of the day. My condolences, and keep your head high, that's what he would have wanted. I'm smoking a fat blunt dedicated to you and your friend, this is for you both!
  3. Oh wow dude I am so sorry for your loss...I'm still going through the loss of a friend (happened last week). I'm here for ya if you need someone to talk to. Keep your head up.
  4. your friend is in my prayers man...
  5. This

    Keep your head up dude.
  6. My neighbor died of a heroine overdose and I've known him forever...His fucking uncle let him try heroine when he was 14 and he overdosed and his heart stopped but he survived...I guess he never stopped and ended up dyeing. The uncle still lives next to me and I see him buying dope everyday. I don't know how he lives with himself. I will pray for you and your friend.
  7. RIP Kyle. This fatty blunt is for you and your friend.

  8. Wow...despite his nephew OD'ing he still buys? The power of's sad.
  9. RIP Kyle.. keep ya head up cuz..

    Just had a friend OD recently on xannies and morphine.. shits tough.
  10. Wow, never realized how many blades were dealing with a loss right now.
  11. RIP I will pray for you and your friend.
  12. Thanks for all the Support Blades...Unfortunatly It is funny to people to start rumors about peoples deaths...My friend called me just a few minutes ago and told me that someone was lying and the lie spread like wildfire..Kyle is alive and well (thank god)...I got an inbox of texts this morning saying he had passed and now it turns out it was all a sick disgusting joke by some very unfunny people...

    Agian I thank you all for your support..thank you to all of those who reached out...Anyone who has lost someone I am truly sorry for your loss and I am here if anyone needs to talk...thank you all for your time I hope Karma shines on you all...

    I just spent 10 hours crying and 9 of that I was at work so im exausted...time to hit the herb than the hay..goodnight Grasscity and agian blades...thank you...

  13. H-O-L-Y S-H-I-T.

    Thank Jesus, Mary, God, etc. that your friend is ALIVE AND WELL BUUUUUUUUUT I would beat the living FUCK out of whoever spread that rumor. That is NOT funny at all. That is really fucking low. WOW. That has my blood boiling. What the HELL is wrong with people now a days?!
  14. holy shit dude!
    i was almost in tears just reading the thread. glad he's okay.
  15. Yeah...I am really pissed about I said thank god he's alive but who thinks shit like this is makes no sense at all...My small close group of friends who Kyle is a part of were shook about was crazy...Im am the first person to joke about fucked up stuff...I find alot of things funny...I have laughed at some fucked up stuff we've done but this just was not funny at all...:(:eek:
  16. yeah that wasnt in good humor at all.

    id be pissed if i were Kyle, or any of his real friends/family.:mad:
  17. People these days..:mad:
    Anyway, ganinja, you must be relieved that your friend is alive and doing well.
    Now you know what it feels like to 'lose' a close one. You'll be ready next time.
  18. Im sorry to hear that, people get caught up in the wrong things all the time my own brother almost died from a bloodclot from shooting dope. No joke, but just remember you will meet again

  19. Glad to hear your friend is ok.

    Fuck people who don't understand how to distinguish jokes from mental torture. Whoever started that rumor is sick.
  20. Ohh babe im so sorry.. thats really fucked up..

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