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R.I.P. Storm, my fav bong.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bobbert, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. I have broken one other piece before; it was my 2nd fave of all time. Storm was an amazing piece, everyone loved it once the hit it. I bought a glass on glass down stem and bowl today for it, and when I went to put it in it must have cracked the bottom of the bowl. A small cracked formed around the base of the bowl up to the opening where the down stem goes. It is still in one piece but leaks water. I don't think there is anyway I can fix it, and the hadshop stopped making double percs recently. So that being said I am going to go cut my self in the bathroom floor with the broken edge of The Cure cd.


  2. shit man sorry to hear that.

    hopefully someone will reply with some hardcore way to fix it lol. i dunno though
  3. Yea I don't think anything can be done. I might take it to my blower and see if he can either take the perc out and make me another bong, or somehow cut the bottom of this bong off and make me a new base, and have it fused with the stem/perc.
  4. that would be sick if he could make a new base or something...sorry to hear that bobbert, but every peice has its day one way or another. hope to see the fixed product soon
  5. Man that SUCKS:mad:

    Looks like a killer bong

    Nothing a little duct tape cant fix....

    Seriously though, look into getting some silicone glue if none of the cracked area is exposed to open flame. I have fixed many a crack with silicone glue.
  6. It is like a 12 inch long crack around the side and bottom of the whole base. I will have to look in to the silicone glue, if it can hold it together so it does not crack more i might use it.
  7. When it happend I got angry and threw my cell phone at the wall as a reflex. I forgot about it and put it back together just now. It will not turn on so I broke it also. Oh well, i could care less about the phone.
  8. when I broke my vape whip I almost did the same thing and then realized it was my new phone :)
  9. Thats a really nice bong man, hopefully u can get it fixed
  10. I am going to take it by the shop tommarow. If anything I know he can break the stem apart and take the perc and make a new peice with it.

    I will also be hitting up 2 shops tommarow ot see if i can find another bong that might eas my pain.
  11. can't they repair clean breaks fairly easily? it seems like if it is in one piece, it is as clean as it can get. you should tell us how much it will cost and stuff. sorry to hear about it, mabe the blower will have pity and make your bong super awesome kickass.
  12. Blow glass?
    maybe some kind of seallent. an adheisive? lol i dunno
  13. I am going try try what ever he suggests for it. If my blower thinks there is a way to fix it with out replacing thr gladd then I will use what ever he suggests. If he can remake it for me, then i might jsut do that.

    If he can do neither I will try some silicon glue.
  14. So I was putting my zong back and I think it tapped the wall and caused storm to loose its balance and tip over. I heard it falling and turned around to only be able to watch it slowly fall and hit the ground.<o =""></o>

    <o =""></o>Well change of plan. I am going to take back the down stem and stuff tomorrow and check out their glass on glass pieces. Then going to go to my blower and see if he can remake with the perc or weld a new bowl on to the bottom. Then I will go back to the market and buy a glass on glass piece if there is one I want.<o =""></o>

    <o =""></o>So farewell to the True Storm, maybe one day through genetics and mad science I will have your clone.

  15. dude i cried when i saw that last picture. I know it hurts bad when a piece is broken. We're here for you man, keep strong. Hopefully something can be done later to somehow fix this. who knows, maybe you can make a Frankenbong that will rip like no other. My suggestion is to buy another bong. That's what i did. And i do feel much better, just make sure the bong is better than the first, otherwise it will cause much grief. That was a sick bong and i am sorry for your loss.
  16. damn shitty luck man ><
  17. I think someone put a hex on ya :confused:
  18. damn man....that sucks major balls. im sorry for both your losses.

    im pretty sure you will be able to fix the crack...thats wierd tho....u sure it was the bowl that made the crack? u sure there wasnt any ice in there....and with the warmness of your hand you changed the temp. of the glass too fast and it cracked?

    again, sorry for your losses.
  19. R.I.P. Storm! Such a sad day. This hits to you Bobbert. :smoke:
  20. I've had a few glass waterpipes break too, it really sucks. All that money for nothin.

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