R.I.P. Steve Jobs

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    I guess the reactions to the Iphone 4s really got to him.
    Just like smalls hitting his first home-run in "The Sandlot".

    Honestly i just was watching the news and they said it was just released by apple the Jobs died from pancreotic cancer.

    RIP for a man that changed the way the modern world lives.

    PS. I will update with a source once i find one.

    Update Found the first article i could.

    Update 2 IM adding link to apple thanks CDub 2 Trill for showing me what apple did there.
  2. it says it on wikipedia but then again anyone can edit it ..RIP
  3. RIP a man who created extremely overpriced electronics that are manufactured at slave labor camps like Foxxcon
  4. innovation never dies
  5. I will say rip, but I really don't care.
  6. Apple
    its real
  7. Is he seriously dead?
  8. RIP, people can hassle Apple as a company all they want for the business decisions they have made that include rushing out overpriced products, but Jobs was an extremely intelligent innovator who brought Apple and the iPod to the front of the electronics world.
  9. Yeah it's because it went mainstream, the technology was nothing innovative.

  10. nooooo!! not some guy that nobody knows personally, why world, why??!!! :'(

    in all seriousness though RIP, gotta respect the dead...
  11. I smell a conspiracy. :rolleyes:
  12. Innovator and Genius. RIP.
  13. I didn't really care for him, but i respect him. However he was the was a master of marketing products.
  14. However true that is, its not the time for that man. Please don't turn this into a flamewar.

    Well, the worlds lost another really smart dude. Think what you will of his products and business plan, he was great guy and achieved more then most people on the planet ever will.
  15. I can't believe he's dead. Just learned it 5 minutes ago. What a sad lost. RIP Steve.
  16. RIP...I think it's really sad, he had an incredible life and did incredible things. What an awful way to go at such a relatively young age as well.

    I wonder, if somewhere, Bill Gates is quietly sitting in the dark like this...
  17. Guess an apple a day in fact wont keep the doctor away
  18. Sad day for many cultists across the world

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