R.I.P. Sasquatch... Found a new bowl, opinions?

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  1. R.I.P. Sasquatch, I loved you... and now you're gone

    May flights of angels wing you to your rest :cry:

    Since my friend got my bowl broken, he's going to buy me a replacement piece...

    Molino Heady Pipe - Black Widow - Online Shop

    Opinions? You think at that price it would be a good buy?

    Can anyone direct me to a better place to buy a heady piece?

    Any and all advice welcome
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  3. Damn that sucks to hear man, best of luck to you! Its nice that your friends buying you another one, there are some real pricks out there that wouldn't.

    That looks like a really nice new bowl, enjoy it once you get it :):) toke on!
  4. That sherlock looks pretty sick. + rep for naming your piece sasquatch... The real sasquatch is one bad ass mother fucker:devious:.
  5. Agreed, no one wants to mess with sasquatch...

    I named him that because the first time he was broken in, we were camping out in the woods. And after we toked a few bowls from him, we got into a big discussion about whether or not Sasquatch and other Sasquatch-like creatures could exist. So in honor of the intense debate, I named him Sasquatch. I would have named him BigFoot, but Sasquatch sounds so much more badass :metal:
  6. Sasquatch is the name that the Native Americans gave him. I tend toke in the wooded areas and always joke about sasquatch wanting a hit.
  7. DAMN sorry for ur loss bro i shall smoke a bowl for you...lmao imagine smoking with Sasquatch in the woods he has an austrialian accsent..:smoke:
  8. What if he came up and offered to match bowls with you? Then after you guys toke the first one, he pulls out the dankest shit you've ever seen.... and a Sasquatch sized bong...
  9. lol i would be down id ask to sit on his shoulders so i can reach the tall ass bong lol..
  10. I imagine that sasquatch has a enormous bong that he whittled out tree trunk :bongin:, and has huge nugs stuck all over his fur:D.

  11. Dude you will totally look like a wizard smoking that pipe, put on a wizard hat and grow a grey beard and you are all set haha
  12. Damn that thing is pretty. If you enjoy that design I would say go for it.

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