R.i.p Phil, Love You Man

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GreenRush, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Woke up this morning to my mum standing in my bedroom doorway. I asked her what was wrong and then she told me the news. Apparently the night before he was high on unmentionables and tried to cross the train/bus tracks and got hit.
    It's just a massive shock cause I always see people making statuses on facebook saying R.I.P, but this morning I was the one making one.
    It's so painful to even go on facebook, just reading all the posts about how great he was and how everyone misses him, brings back so many great memories of first meeting him and how he took my unmentionable virginity. Fuck man! hasn't even sunk in yet.
    I miss you so much bro, I just wanted to give you one last hug man.
    Hurts me so much the last thing I said to him was 'That shit will kill you one day'
    Fuck this cone goes out to you bro, see you soon <3

  2. who is phil if you dont mind?
  3. Sorry, bro. stay strong.
  4. One of my mates that died in a tragic accident, I worked with him for over 2 years.
  5. You're right about those words dude that's probably one of the worst combinations of words there is to offer as the last thing you say to someone before they die #ripphil
  6. sorry to hear.
  7. Yeah I know I feel and felt like shit, haven't spoken to him in a week. Was going to catch up a couple days ago but he missed his bus so he just went home after work. Theres just been so much irony and coincidence, has to be fate.
  8. Just think of it this way, at least you didn't say "hey don't go messing around with trains" that would have been an even worse coincidence 
    Stay positive 
  9. Sorry to hear. It's always hard to lose someone close to you. I've lost a couple really friends and one thanks to unmentionables. I still to this day remember the phone call I got when that kid died, time never moved so slow, hearing those harsh words. My thoughts are with you.
  10. Dudeman ^^^^^ how do you have more than 650 posts already? U joined like 10 days before me and got like 300 posts in a week...I swear gurl needs to calm down. 
  11. Women have more to talk about than men.

    Sorry for your loss, R.I.P phil
  12. Me?! Boring life, no friends worth my time. It apparently bothers some people when I post so ill be sure to stick around extra long. :D
  13. Sorry for the loss. Bong rips for PHIL. Puff
  14. We make our own decisions, my friend. Don't let Fate make this ordeal more painful for you.
    Nonetheless, I sympathize with your loss.
    Be easy.
  15. i love you phil
  16. Im gone for 4 days and u got another 180+ posts. Please tell me your secret. Even if I tried and cant get 100 in a month.
    I think you must be Jesus
  17. My  Condolence to you for Phill. 
  18. sorry for your loss. my godbrother died at age 18 from some sort of heart attack. he was extremely fit and i suspect that his supplements and muscle shakes may have been his downfall, although i dont know exactly, i've never had the nerve to ask for specifics. it still bothers me a lot. so much potential lost.

    don't dwell on it and beat yourself up about it. i know it's easy to fall into depression but being depressed won't change the situation. stay strong brother. this next bowl goes out to Phil
  19. Cheers man appreciate it :bongin: :metal:
  20. Uhh, I have no life?! Lol. I haven't even posted much the last 3 days, I've been really busy.

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