R.I.P. Isaac Hayes

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  1. Isaac Hayes can suck it for selling out to South Park. Why can't people convert to marijuana instead of scientology? COME ON
  2. Hes dead man
  3. If Sam Jackson dies tomorrow.. I'm going to hunt you down.
  4. oohhh....shit
  5. :rolleyes:

    Once again, may he rest in peace. A long life well lived, if the time had to come then nothing could be done. His memory will persist, though.
  6. THAT TAG,,,,,is fucked up,,,,:cool:

    no need for that here,,,,,,

    the city is a colour blind community,,,,:cool:
  7. when i heard Bernie Mac died I felt like i had lost someone close, now Isaac Hayes...and no weed to console my grief :( woe is me....

    thats a crazy ass pipe by the way i didnt even notice chef at first..did a double-take lol
  8. Whoever tagged this thread is fucked.
  9. Agreed. A mod or someone should edit that... It's very disrespectful.
  10. for real, we dont need that shit here
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    One of my favorite songs of all time ^^^

    RIP man, he's now using the big E-Meter in the sky.
  12. next bowl for him
  13. Eh......he was a Scientologist.
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    ^^ So that was his belief, who cares.
  15. The humans are dead
    The humans are dead
    We used poisonous gases
    And we poisoned their asses
  16. Scientology is a pyramid scheme. If he believed it, then he supported the scam and apparently saw nothing wrong with scamming a bunch of idiots out of their money. And no, not all of the idiots were multimillionaire actors and actresses either. They've duped a whole lot of run of the mill retards out of their money too. That to me shows a lack of morality.

  17. Thats the main reason I came into this thread. Thats some bullshit..... in the mans fucking RIP thread???

    Respect the fucking dead....
  18. My first thought when hearing this news:

    I bet the church of scientology did it.
  19. Wouldnt that make them the dumb asses and make it their problem? Find something better to do.
  20. Anyone dumb enough to join the Church of Scientology deserves to have their money taken from them. I say if they're happy with the situation, more power to them. Not hurting anyone else but themselves.

    But way to go disrespecting a dead person (and an extremely talented one at that) for their personal religious beliefs. Makes a lot of sense. From now on people deserve to die unless they believe the same thing I do. :rolleyes:

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