R.I.P. Isaac Hayes

Discussion in 'General' started by CosmicSerpent, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. the fuck? seriously?
    didnt bernie mac like...JUST die...

  2. Yep. It sucks.
  3. jesus fucking christ so many good souls lost this year.
  4. OMG! This is horrible.

    Didn't he do the Shaft theme song?
  5. Ya damn right!

    rip :(
  6. Nooooo...... I liked Chef in South Park... awww, fuck... First Bernie Mack yesterday, today Isaac Hayes. Damn...

    R.I.P. mayne

    "Hey boys...would you like to buy some of my chocolate salty balls?" :D

    Live on . . .
  7. Ever noticed that things like this....they come in threes?

    We have one more to go.... wow... Issac Hayes will be missed.
  8. I saw that this morning and freaked!! So many people are just dropping like flies! May he and Bernie Mac rest in peace.
  9. rip he was a really good guy never showed off beig a celeb at all was an ordniary man.

    you know over 15 people i know past away this year....... makes you think.
  10. not chef NOOOOO
  11. [​IMG]

    Ill smoke a bowl out of this for you bro! RIP
  12. dude i want your chef piece. shit is ballin
  13. I lost count for this year but indeed its been making me think alot.

    R.I.P. Isaac Hayes
  14. OH COME ON! I mean yeah he left South Park, but he didn't have to DIE! FUCK! I was just starting to get over Bernie Mac, now this?! If Jim Carrey dies tomorrow, I'm gonna snap.
  15. That piece is indeed ballin.
    But if these things come in threes, the famous black man conspiracy killer is destined to strike one more time. Obama better be on his guard.
    Sucks tho, way too soon.
  16. Yeah, this is indeed sad news.

    RIP Isaac Hayes.

    Two days in a row i've opened CNN to this kind of news.
  17. He was the Duke of New York

    A-Number One

    (and to whoever posted that tag, wow...)

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