R.I.P Bong [[Sad Picture Warning]]

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  1. Well... sadly another bong has been lost in the fire of duty :(
    Last night me my cousin and my sister were smoking and my sister knocked the bong over and broke it. Oh well I plan on turning what's left into a mini bong, all I've got to do is cover the broken glass.

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  2. Oh my.

    Such thing does not deserve to be used as a ghetto... give it a proper burial followed by a blunt smoking sesh..followed by a trip to the headshop to buy another in its name
  3. Still can be used, but my condolences. It's always sad to see something so beautiful pass into the other side.
  4. my poor baby :( ill miss u RIP
  5. yea i agree with TDWPfan111. Nothing eases the pain better than getting a sick new bong and ripping it for the first time
  6. i repair most of my pieces with super glue or that gorilla glue shit and then keep them as retired pieces and simply appreciate them for their intrinsic and artistic value. and a bong as beautiful deserves a nice place on the mantle.
  7. im sorry ey, but you can either sit there holding the shettered remains of a once faithful smoking buddy or you get up get out there buy a bigger better one, then sit down and smoke on behalf of the dearly departed then before you know it the bigger better one will have won a soft spot
  8. Ah, dude. That fucking sucks! Especially 'cause it's an awesome looking bong. Bummer, man. Hope you can fix it or find one just as awesome.
  9. Superglue and duct tape! ;)

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