R Deez Nuts?

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  1. So first time I've ever got as far as sex with my plants.
    That just sounded wrong but OK.
    Think I found some nuts on my last experiment today. All the rest died out from one problem or another. This one, the heartiest, was a bagseed. I fimmed it and turned it into a cabbage. Had high hopes for it but today think I see nuts. Let me know what you guys think. Time to pull it?

    PS thanks for the bucket instructions Rumple. haha works better than soil for this newb.

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  2. Sorry to say! I have the same thing in my garden, sacks, no hairs. You could give it another day or 2 just to make sure, but im 95% thats a male

  3. Yea, exactly what he said. Looks like a nutsack to me, but best to give it another day or two to be sure.
  4. Haha. Cool man. Yeah very early stages of showing it if so. I've been watching them like a hawk. I have it's brother on a weaker pump that isn't growing quite as fast (Rumples theory of more bubbles equals more growth is correct for sure!) that is probably male too.

    Well, that's the farthest I ever got one from bagseed so I'm gaining experience.
    Thanks GC for all the info I learned here.
  5. Yea, you're coming along.

    Just some advice about hydro, that really has nothing to do with this thread. From my own experience, one of the most important (if not the most important) is maintaining your Ph. Ideally you want to keep it around 5.8, but you want to also avoid huge swings in Ph, as it too can affect your plants.

    If you can get a nute schedule down, and keep your Ph right, your plants will thrive. Eventually you'll just have a standard week by week system, and you'll be pulling bud by the ounces.
  6. Yeah I figured it would be a male.
    It underwent lots of stress before it's second leafset, which I read is a big nono.
    It wilted in soil cause my lights were on some taller plants and too far away. That was about the day I built my first bucket so I slapped the wilted seedling in, and here is what it became.

    Those buckets are miracle workers.

    We'll see what happens if/when there is a next time. ;):wave::smoke::D

    Thanks for all the tips and info. Been changing nutes every 10 days and topping off with nute water. No PH pen but PH is maintained daily regardless. The buckets are hard to over do it with PH down but I HAD a smaller experiment that was hard to control with the small amount of water in the container. 3 gal bucket is the minimum size I will go now for ease of ph control.
  7. how long into flowering is this?
  8. thats not new growth those are balls throw it out :devious::devious::devious:
  9. life's a bitch.. and that's a dude....
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    Yeah I threw this one away a while ago. lol (two weeks?)
    That was like 1.5 weeks into flowering. The female showed pistols shortly after (3-4 days after the male showed nuts)
    See the female here before I pulled her too. lol

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