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  1. I'm in an area where stealth is required.. So I'm water curing my potential half-one and a half oz yield. All of it..
    7 days of in the water.. that I change daily. 2 days of hang drying..
    Now.. A few questions!
    I'm making Qwiso with some.. more than likely all the trim.. stems.. and some of the smaller buds.
    Do I have to cure the buds before I run it through ISO or can I literally Chop off a branch.. put the buds through iso and enjoy my hash :D?
    Additionally!!! I want to turn the Qwiso into something I can use in a Gpen or ECig or something similar..
    I hear you can put Qwiso.. but I feel like that may be a little rough on the automizers in the e-cigs.. Do you guys have any detailed suggestions? Tips on dosage / how much of what to use in regards to putting Qwiso with Vegetable Glycerin for the E-Cig?
    I have a million questions, but i'm hoping people who come across this will put in input that will more than likely answer those other questions.
    Thank you for your guys time,

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    First, go to The ISOhead Thread and read through it, lots of dank errl and good info.
    Break up your well-dried buds into 1/4-1/2" pieces and place them in a mason jar. how much material are you running? you may need multiple jars. but you dont want to fill them all the way the bud, you should go about 2/3.
    with all your buds jarred up, put them in your freezer on its lowest setting along with your bottle(s) of iso. let them freeze for at least 24hr before you run so the chlorohpyll is not extracted so fast, it will help you have a more clean, proper looking extract.
    once everything is frozen, pour just enough iso to almost cover the buds and gently swirl/shake for about 10-15 seconds then place a metal strainer over the mouth of the jar and pour out the liquid into a glass cup/jar. The liquid should look clear/amber maybe slightly green even. do that with the same material into another cup/jar but only wash for 5-10 seconds cause the weed has been soaking in the iso so you need to be quick, this will give you two seperate washes of different qualities, you can do more washes if you like. repeat that for however many jars you have.
    now you should have a container (or a few) of golden/greenish liquid. now you can place a couple coffee filters in a strainer and filter it onto your evaporation dish and filter the other runs into clean cups/jars to await evaporation.
    I like to use heat when purging my iso runs so use an electric skillet at 100-120F to place your dishes on. you may not be able to heat all your runs at the same time but you can still evaporate the others with no heat while you wait. depending on how much oil you've yielded, it should take around 6+hr for a gram or two. Always try and go as long as possible on the purge, get that iso out of there.
    As far as adding glycerin or anything like that, I would say buy a vape pen thats made for oils and vape it by itself. The water curing wasnt even necessary as dabbing oils doesnt reek like burning flowers.
    let me know if you have any questions, that probably wasnt the clearest of instructions :bongin:
  3. yes just a comment on the e-cig, You want a vape pen for oils, there are thousands now, some are just modified ecigs, but still. The glycerin and thc mixture, (no matter how much badkittysmiles-the biggest idiot on grasscity, will tell you it works. ) Doesnt work. Gylcerin is a terrible solvent and doesnt absorb enough thc. AND the ecigs only get hot enough to vaporize the Glycerin and not the THC inside it
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    So what relIable but affordable pen do you recommend for Qwiso? Is the gpen good? Or micro gpen?

    Thank you guys for the tips! My only additional question for making qwiso is ..if I water cure can I let the iso soak for longer because most nasties are gone? This way I can have one really potent batch...not three :)
  5. I don't have Facebook. Got a link to a legit website? Tried to look but all look different..

    Are g pens good for it?
  6. at this point, thats the only pen I would recommend, I think pens are kinda a waste and probably not too good for your health, any pens ive tried didnt taste too good. This guy sourced out quality parts that works really well together and I've heard nothing but good reviews. I would suggest you make a FB and talk to him about them. They're very affordable too, I believe 50-60 bucks with Ti dabber.
  7. Sweet! I'll go make a fake fb and get ahold of them lol. Do you order it off a link on their FB and have it shipped? Would there be any risk in shipping in the US? 420Friendly or not? I'm not a fan of drawing attention:D
  8. Vapre pens arent illegal, theres no way you could get in trouble for that. Just send him a message saying you're interested and exchange paypal info, thats pretty much how i got all my oil glass lol
  9. Sweet! Thank you! If I find gpen is trash or my friends have mixed reviews, I will buy this one and try it out! I can just sooooo easily get a gpen without shipping and all that fun stuff lol, that's why I'm so stick on it and curious as to what you pros think
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    I made some.. what you guys might call Claim or Reclaim tonight... with 99% Isopropyl... cleaned the bowl and stem for my...salad eater... 
    Only ran a half z or so through them though... so probably wont get much for quantity.
    Can I load that in an Ecig or gpen? It's like qwiso... but with Resin.. I filtered out all of the solids... a VERY VERY fine coffee filter did the trick... I double boiled it for an hour or two and now it's in the oven at 170 degrees
  11. once again, no. I wouldnt, your pen will taste like ass for days man. thats not reclaim. In fact, what people call 'resin' is technically tar. resin is whats produced in the trichome heads that we try ever so hard to extract and enjoy :bongin:
  12. lol.. I didn't even see your response.... We did it and he said this Qwiso Resin was the same if not more potent than the honey oil he had!
    didn't taste bad either :)
  13. Any other peoples thoughts!?
  14. Is qwiso going to burn out the gpen micro?
  15. taking my trim and small buds that I water cured and I'll throw it with some 99% Alcohol... Since I water cured it, I can just let it sit in the alcohol a minute or two since theres really no nasties to collect.. That way I just have one potent fully extracted run... Going to let it sit out all night afterwards.
    Not much trim / etc... as it was a grow from a micro grow and I lost a lot of my trimmed sugar leaves, lol.
    I'm going to let it dry out without any additional heat... just to keep the risk of failure down i'm going to go as simple / safe as possible :)
    Hoping to get an end product  I can use in a G-pen or something similar...
  16. no, there will still be chlorophyll to leach into your product. Just do a few 10sec frozen washes
  17. Too late lol. Shook it for three minutes after all the stuff was in the freezer for a while and did a quick filter then a slow coffee filter. Didn't look green or black in the Pyrex after a couple minutes. Put it in front of a fan and will take a look tomorrow evening.
  18. Scraped it with a flathead a few says later, not much from the trim and tiny buds, but looks pretty potent. I put in wax paper, froze it and squished it into a really compacted ball lol. Hope that was smart. Can I load the goo in a g pen micro / micro gpen?

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