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qwiso wax yield ratio??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Skillatron, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. i wanted to make some qwiso wax soon. never made it before. could anyone tell me around how much an 8th of shake and a gram or 2 of stems would yield if i did the qwiso process?

    also, if anyone could explain the qwiso process or any special tips/tricks you do to make it better. itd be helpful too haha. or i was just going to find a tutorial. thanks

    also, i have some dank bud as well, only 2-3 g's left. is it worth adding some to the 8th of shake and stems? i was thinking no, but i dont rly know the yields yet.
  2. Every 8 grams you do you might get 1 gram out of it, not worth it with what u have,sorry /to many variables check out isohead thread/ it's pointless with that amount
  3. You have a lot of learning to do....

    No one can tell you how much your yield will be. I'm assuming its going to be a very low return rate for somebody that's making qwiso for their first time. It also depends on how good your bud is and the process you use to make it. You should check out the ISOhead thread those blades are pros
  4. its not worth it, iv tried with that much and it was super kiefy shit and i only got around a bowl of oil... but it was purple oil shit was crayy but still not worth it
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    I just made a batch of oil with 4.3 grams of some dank bud and got a return of 0.8g of some amber/clear shatter. dont let these fools tell u that an eighth is not enough. you will get around .5 to .6 with an eighth and maybe a bit more with a gram or two of stems. if you have a grinder you should wash that with iso first and use that iso to wash your bud/stems with and you wil end up with ALOT more oil than expected, i promise :)

    I've also made a batch with 2g of flower and a little more than 0.5g of keif and ended up with 0.9g of an amazing shatter
  6. Do it. I've got 2 batches drying in front of me now :smoke:

    Wash in iso for 20 sec, then strain into a jar/glass/bowl with a screen, then into another jar through a brown coffee filter. The coffee filter takes forever so that's why you have to strain it first, you want to remove the plant material from the alcohol as quickly as possible. My filters clog up very quickly so I pour once, let it drain, replace the filter, pour again... repeat. (you might not have that problem with a small amount)

    I'm no expert but that's what works for me.
  7. I just made quiso with a gram and got .2 or .3. Worth it with an 8th I'm sure

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