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QWISO vs bubble bag hash

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by tcruse11, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. which one is stronger/ better?

    I am harvesting soon and try to decide which one to make. I will be using trim and bud.

    Do I need to dry and/or cure the buds before making the hash?
  2. Bubble bag and/or BHO
  3. Yeah, hands down bubble hash wins. Iso not only takes off the trichomes, but a whole bunch of other impurities too.
  4. yeah.... but hands down, iso is soooo easy to make, and you can still get a quality product.

    i used some VERY pre-mature, albeit decent looking nug, not too many crystals, and i had enough stems/leaves/trimmings, to make 3 batches of iso, and its sooo easy to make, takes like 5 minutes, tops, and then you let it sit there, and 24 hours later, your scraping some nice keif onto your bowl :) or lots of bowls, haha... you know you have it good when you blow through 1 plate of keif, 3 days in a row :) :hello::p

    yah, but for sure, bubble would give you the top notch results...

    don't underestimate qwiso tho.

    ive never made bubble and just recently learned how to make qwiso and try it, and hell, i even used the 70% and got a pretty pure product off some crappy trimmings...

    can't wait to use some high quality trimmings next and see what i get :)
  5. Here's the skinny on hash potencies-

    BHO and QWISO have comparable THC levels, however, when it comes to Taste, BHO wins hands down. These two are the potency cannabis extracts you can make

    Then comes Bubble hash. The bubble is easier to work with to make as it doesn't require qorking qith potentially dangerous chemicals, but it IS messy, and doesn't produce nearly the quality of extract that BHO is.

    BHO is hands down the most potent and tastiest hash available. Even hexane extracted hash and CO2 extracted hash don't touch it.
  6. About using bud to make QWISO, does the bud need to be dried?
  7. You want the bud dried, also freeze it for 30 minutes before you add it to the ISO.
  8. I have met more than a few people who agree with you. So I decided to do my own comparison with the same herb. Bubble sets my head on fire. Butane hash? Not so much.
  9. no it doesn't. It can be fresh, just make sure you freeze it.

    IMO potency wise: BHO/ISO are more potent than Bubble. However, i prefer bubble because there are no solvents involved.
  10. the whole point of any hash making is to take off the trichomes no? Isn't that what the ice and water does in bubble hash?
  11. Quoted for truth.
  12. ^^I'd listen to the hash junky lmao :cool:
  13. any more input on whether the trim has to be dried when making QWISO? Appears to be people on both sides.
  14. So... if i leave the isohash for like 3-4 days it will be dry and not goo on the blade?
  15. yeah.. leave it out and it should dry up enough to be able to handle. The heat from your fingers will melt it up if you handle it too much though,.
  16. Will def try this out sometime soon...
  17. so the trip, little leafs and stems, do not need to be dried before you make qwiso but they should be in freezer for 30 minutes? why do they need to be freezed, what does that do?
  18. It makes the trichromes fragile and much easier to fall off the plant material.

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