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  1. Hey everyone, i was hoping that someone could post a link to a proper and working qwiso tutorial. not hasmoufs because theres no pics. if you cant post a link to an outside weed forum someone personal message me or something. sorry but ive been trying to learn how to do it and i want to make sure i understand it, ive been looking for a good pictorial or tutorial but cant seem to find one. or even a bad tutorial :rolleyes:. but thanks in advance. blades.
  2. keep looking they are out there but hash's is about the best around..

    its not very difficult to do

    just make sure you are away from flames and if you dont want to wait the 2 days for it to dry you can use a heat pan

    here is a vid using acetone..

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPDHnpw1X20&playnext=1&p=E87199CC944FBA9D&index=67&feature=PlayList&playnext_from=PL&ytsession=XXXHHNzXYbKMNmfVeu6_ee9iQuiQ3K_ero2e1chB8nW2UrAlwVLnbfLUYBaM5NqMsxX3LrrHUIB7d3MAOawzNEaDQpbLP2lZlYnejHldYbEtGbiUZWi-zuBs6ppfSRM9CGPO_axw6W4FIVy-Gkwp8FyyH_-PDNddb5VtS2ooWrIEGQoiSV7NBtjQTbZ86-l201PYSLTgH3qvVc5gg5uWyl-2Bp-XPGneFv1hrfs5ssPXXGHRySTujNJMd1-50QxuTeHwoZshFd_pCq0-ggmRzzCWuXzViTSYBiWQ7ycc1K-zXoJmUbbnsRWHhaar7AViCjqq-a9VotlSJ9K7OujR4bl_NMrWNIi6]YouTube - How to make Hash oil with Hash and Aceton (QWACETON) and smoking it.[/ame]
  3. tru brah thanks. im starting with weed though but i think i understand it basically. i grind up weed and freeze it. put in jar. fill jar with iso. shake for 20-30s pour into strainer w/ coffee filter inside. then let it sit for 24 hours in a well ventalated area. i dont fully understand the drying part though. how will i know its finished and all the iso is gone
  4. tru thanks man appreciate it just what i was looking for. :)
  5. bump - anyone know how long i should shake the iso for with an ounce of bud in there (not trimmings)

  6. at least 2 mins hard and grind it up before by or in hand grinder not coffee grinder to make straining easier. powder didnt seem to strain good...
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    Shake it for no more than 30 seconds. Any longer and you will be decreasing the quality. Also, try to get your hands on the highest proof iso you can.
  8. anyone have any idea where to buy iso? like would a pharmacy have it and i can go in and buy it. any other places, im from ontario near toronto but a couple hours away. anyone know anything

  9. hey man :)

    any good pharmacy should have 91% ISO

  10. any Pharmacy should have it. use 91% or better... you are using buds? shake for a while... cause you are going to throw away alot of potential oil... ISO breaks up thc, cbd, and plant material so yeah the longer it sits the worse it gets but do what you want... just make sure you break them up. and dont press or squeeze the filter to much cause you will get more plant material that way as well.

    if you have a electric heat dish you can double boil the pyrex or corningware dish if its big enough... but be careful you dont heat it to hot. under 190 the water on the bottom should just barely bubble. or let it sit for a day or two.. i cook mine so i know that the alchy is all out. if it is easier for you to get 180 proof everclear alchohol or moonshine use that! no risk of going blind or getting sick. just let it sit long enough and you will be ok...
  11. sweet thanks guys ill post some pics of the post production.
  12. good luck and take your time! :)
  13. I place my glass/pyrex pan on a regular heating pad to speed up the evaporation. Hope this helps.
  14. is iso just rubbing alcohol??
  15. Yes it IS rubbing alcohol but pay attn to the percentage. 70% is the most common at the grocery store, but drug stores usually also carry 91% (the one you want)

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