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  1. I just finished making my first batch of QWISO from around 14 grams of afghan kush trimmings. I used three metal strainers and two coffee filters and after pouring my mix through the strainers/filters it left a light brown substance on the coffee filter. So I dried it and now it looks good, just wondering if it's good to smoke or not?

    Thanks! :smoke:
  2. from the only shit on qwiso I've seen I think you're sposed to use the strainers and filters along with a plate, what pour onto the plate you let dry for some time and then scrape that off. let me find the link real quick.


  3. I know that lol, I'm just wondering if the stuff on the filter is also good to smoke?
  4. Sure but that's the washed plant material. It has little to no thc in it. But to answer ur question yes its smokeable
  5. the point of what you just did is removing the thc... those are just the remains of scavenged leaves, you can smoke them but you won't get much out of it
  6. It's plant material, the oil would seep right through the filter. Next time just pour a little extra iso over your filter after running your extraction through it, will get any absorbed oil out.
  7. As long as it isn't full of huge chunks it may be great. Most coffee filters are 25 micron or so, and can retain a good bit of tricomes.
  8. make absolutely sure to vap off all the alcohol.. if you don't, and smoke it, it will fuck your lungs up pretty good for a few days, like a nasty bad sore throat.. I won't quik wash isoprop ever again, hash is the way to go..

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