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  1. I treated it quite gently though! I made a double boiler, boiled some water, waited for it to stop steaming and then put it in the bottom plate. Still a little too quickly I think. Perhaps the warm water vapours leeched some turpenes out? It was a different load of buds as well so not much of a standard test hah.
    I caught it the wetter side of tacky so I'm quite thankful. Just spreading and whipping now :D
    So what's cerrliferhnia like? Is it the utopia of bud I hear in the news?
  2. It aint no different from any other med state lol I think it gets a little too glorified at times :p

    Why whip man? I'd leave it be and let the heat do its thing. and the thing about the water bath is not that you lose terps, thats if you use too much heat, its that it has the potential to pull extra moisture into your oil while you're trying to get moisture/solvent out.
  3. Hehe it must be very nice to have some confidence in the name of a strain though! and all the concentrates aha. AND THE WEED COOKIES IN SHOPS lol. The stigma must be a little different over there.
    I'm not so much whipping as folding and unfolding it to get the last little bit of moisture out.
    Yee after it had been in the water bath for a while I pondered on this so took it out. Fairly sure it did pull some moisture in, but it doesn't seem to be much.
    Fan and patience next time!
  4. How does it work there? Can you basically buy a card from the right doctor?
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    Guys a quick update on BHO. Even the ultra refined butane is coming under scrutiny at the moment as even when running cans without bud you are left with a slight residue (about .8g out of 50-75 cans). If you search on facebook for mystery oil you should be able to join a group with the updates and details about the lab analysis that is currently being run. There are some seriously carcinogenic chemicals left over, not in very high quantities but when washing buds with additional butane to get the extra bits out you are actually increasing the concentration of these toxic chemicals. If you are making BHO then invest in a vacuum purging kit (about 250$). Even then you are still going to have some of these chemicals left in your extract. The only real way to create ultra pure BHO at the moment is using a closed loop butane system which will cost upwards of 700$ for the most basic home made version.

    There are some new brands that claim on the label they are good for lighters and making BHO but these are yet to be tested.

    BHO is still fairly safe compared to cigarettes but there have been some very carcinogenic molecules identified for further analysis.

    I currently have some sour flame shatter which is lovely :)

    Although you cannot fully capture the turpenes with iso (and there is some debate about the turpenes being the actual substance of a weeds high) Qwiso is lovely! and it feels reasurringly safer. If you are running less than 1/2 every couple of months I think you are fairly within safe pp/m dosage, but cancer is cancer.

    Safe smoking!

    Happy dabby!
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    This is why the process used to make the BHO is soooooo very important.  If the material is dehydrated and packed very very tightly in the tubes you only need 1 can of tane for every 2 ounces of material and I get more than 90% of the extractable resins in a single pass.  The less butane you use the lower the chances of issues. I would be further shocked to find concentrations of these chemicals at 1000 parts per million, as suggested.
    Also when making statements like this it is important to name the lab/labs doing the testing, otherwise its hear say.. ;)
  7. Yep. Very true, but also worth letting folks know the risk involved in making concentrate. Depending on how further analysis goes it may be a big red flag for bho unless you have a closed loop system to get rid of the mystery oil.
    Tests are being run by Specialty Analytical in Oregon and SC laboratories. If you search for the facebook group you will see the updates and comments by lab technicians.

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