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  1. Well ive been making QWISO quite frequently, so i decided to invest in a bell and TI pad, which is by far a much better way to use the QWISO.
    I usually run about 1/4 oz of some nice heady nugs.
    Ive been thinking for a while, if i should also invest in a solid oil dish, and start making BHO, i hear that it tastes a bit better, but i havent heard any thing about quality, people say that they are close to eachother, if i'm not mistaken.
    But i'm wondering would it be a more wise investment for me to begin making BHO?
  2. IMO, it is so worth it!
  3. It would definitely be a wise investment. BHO is much better than qwiso in my opinion. Plus you can still use the butaned bud for qwiso.
  4. The taste of honey oil is second to none. I find it a lot easier and faster making BHO as well. Just make sure you don't have a lighter on you while you are making it.
  5. Go for it and see how well you like it. Ive had QWISO just as strong as really good BHO, it just depends on the strain and the person/technique used to make it imo.
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    Actually, I believe that BHO and QWISO are quite similar with potency. But there is a HUGE difference with taste.

    I used to place a drop on top of some herb. I wasn't able to taste any difference but just the potency itself. Until a fellow at a hemp store gave me some idea on how to smoke oil properly, I find that BHO taste so smooth and there is some subtle sweetness like honey as well. QWISO seems quite rough on my throat unless I place it on top of some herb like the way I use to smoke oil.

    Personally, I will go with only BHO in the future. Cuz you can purge BHO further to Wax and to the end, budder(I believe that it is highest in THC content(so far) for concentrate if done right). As we speak, I am missing the taste already. Gotta jet :p I hope that this would be helpful for those who are still debating on which one to use. I say try both and see which one you prefer. I won't be too concern with potency. Both are far more potent than any herb you have ever smoked in your life anyway.
  7. What, how can you make qwiso with plant material that has already had the thc extracted by butane?

    BHO is the way to go.
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    Actually you can. Unless you run a ridiculous amount of Butane to your herb, there is always something left there. Idk what to tell you about potency, but the oil you get from those left over still gives you better high than smoking herb itself. I say the product will be full of Chrophyll and THC.

    I ran 6 cans of butane on an ounce, and I can still get something out of the leftover.
    This is only for those who wants to get every milligram of THC out of the plant though(leaving taste on the side).

    I will still give ISO one more run using 99% iso for arguement's sake. But I will stop as soon as I get my QWISO with the same texture as I see online.
  9. Qwiso for a slightly fuller spectrum of cannibinoids, bho for the flavour. Qwiso is tasty, but BHO is just such a richer, sweeter scent. I've got a jar of generous trim building up for something special and I'm trying to decide which one to go for. Probably recover a bit more from qwiso but it depends how long I shake the jar up. A friend frequently mention doing the first wash for like 15 seconds, then do a second wash for 25. Cooked up seperately. The first fraction was much more golden, less darker planty tones. I do like the speed of BHO though.
    Many years ago when we first made BHO we didn't quite understand and thought it would get stuck in the filter. Sprayed a load of lovely sticky goodness into the air :'( So nooby it is shameful haha.
    What buds are you thinking of running?
  10. Seeing as alcohol extracts less waxes etc than butane, a properly done qwiso run should always be more potent than BHO.
  11. I wish I knew enough chemistry to find a way of extracting just the aromatic components of weed.
    "So you've got you're crude bho extract, now time to scrub it up into something -really- special" lol
  12. ^The 'crude'(concrete) extract is whats gonna contain those flavor/smell compounds, Terpenes, terpenoids etc. When you clean it up, turning your concrete extraction into an absolute, you lose a lot of those flavors. Not to say they're gone entirely but flavor/smell is generally decreased after winterizing.
  13. Of course. But I'm fairly sure there are ways to extract just the aromatic components in a laboratory setting. this would probably involved some solvent recapturing and displacing.
  14. Would definitely be cool! I know you can buy straight D-Limonene, which is the terpene responsible for the citrusey smell. You can use it as a solvent actually, people use it as a cleaner. I know someone has even extracted with it.
  15. Just having some qwiso now from some super silver haze, super lemon haze, an unknown haze, and some cheese kief. Amagahd. So good. I need to get a proper thai pan or oil dome though..
    Screw bud, it's all about the extract :D
  16. That might be a colloquial term. Its the metal plate attachment for pipes and bongs. You get it really hot then dab on the concentrate and toke through the piping above. Does anyone know the name for these?

    I have 1 joints worth of qwiso left :( Really should have got a mini rig but oh well, I love it melting down the side of the joint gradually!
    Oh I forgot to say before it has some purple paralysis and pineapple chunk in it as well. NOMMM.

    Anyone tried any vacuum purged shatter bho?
    It's next on ma list :D
  17. Ah a skillet, curve, Ti pad. Shoulda guessed that lol thought you were talkin about thai food! hahaa

    And yeah vac purging is the shit, get yourself a setup if you dont have one already.
  18. I ran out of qwiso. So made some more! Lol. Love it. Tried using a warm water bath to speed up the drying (used a fan last time). Seems to have come out a little darker and less aromatic. Still tasty though :D
  19. Heat will destroy terpenes(flavors) so you should try and keep it as low as possible. 100-110F is a good range to be in. Sounds like your bath was a little hot, too much heat will darken your oil too. I like to use a hot sand bath controlled by an electric skillet.

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