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Qwiso Issues

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stonedman, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Every time I make QWISO it turns out the normal greenish color but when I compress it, it turns black like bubble hash (idk if this is normal, just a thought,.dont really care) and when I smoke it, it just bubbles and melts but doesnt put off any smoke or visible vapor like hash normally does and it just burns away. Whats the issue?
  2. Last nights run was a grinder wash and some keif and I followed Hashmouf's guide almost exactly aside from how long he washed for. I also didnt decarboxylate in the oven after but thats not necessary. And I used light heat to help evaporate. But I know that doesnt necessarily cause a problem either with low heat. Hmm
    Did you wash it for longer? Because that's probably the problem. There's a reason it's called "quick wash ISO hash" :p 
  4. if it's green, you're doing something wrong. it should be brown/amber & clear when it spread thin, but darkening up to almost black when compressed is normal. 
    again though, if it's green and NOT brown/amber then you're doing something wrong. possibly washing too long, causing excess chlorophyl (spelling?) to get into the final product.
    This. However, that doesn't explain why it didn't turn out after a grinder wash. Green is caused by chlorophyll which is extracted if you leave it in the alcohol for too long.
    I'd imagine a grinder would still have some clorophyll content too though, no? I mean, you're using it to grind up your weed so... :confused_2: 
    Eh, I wouldn't have thought so, but I could be wrong. At least not enough to botch an entire run of qwiso?
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    I don't know, but I do know that I've used the same quick wash method on my grinder and it turned out just fine so I figure... his didn't turn out so well, he's been washing it longer... so logically...? :p
  9. Shake the jar for less then 10 sec. Shorter washes get the hold stuff. Longer washes grabb more if the cholrphyl(green stuf)

    Freeze everything thst you use to make it also. Everything.
  11. Double post.
  12. Omg. Im high. I just wanted to change the H in hold to GOLD. Lol.
  13. Ok, did a test wash on 6.6 grams of korn the other night. I realized immediately that I should have washed for a shorter amount of time, even though it was only 30 seconds. It came out pretty green and when I scraped it up it immediately turned into a black goo. probably the stickiest substance ever. First wash yielded 0.4g and second wash yielded 0.3 for a total of 0.7 . It tastes pretty green but its actually very good.I have a very high tolerance and i'm actually stoned for once :)) A shorter wash time and some better buds are coming soon...
  14. If you're doing it correctly it can be a nice amber or kief-like color. Don't let the bud sit in iso for more than 15 seconds; and use a filtering method that will instantly separate the iso from the plant matter. I've found that tea filters are much better than coffee filters, since it takes too long for all the liquid to strain through coffee filters.
    Also if you didn't let it evaporate long enough; and scraped it up too early the iso trapped inside can lead to the black color as well. Make sure the whole plate or whatever you're evap-ing on is like the sahara desert before you scrape lol
  15. Thanks ill keep all that in mind. I'd like to get a mesh strainer for next time too.

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