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QWISO hash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokin bud, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. how mush QWISO hash do you think i would get out of a half ounce of buds?

    also is it worth making or should i just smoke it as is?
  2. I would say you'd get up to 3 grams.
    Def worth it

  3. okay thanks ill definitely start it tonight then

  4. Take pictures man.
  5. i got just short of 3 gramsm with about a half ounce. definitely worth it just make sure you dry it out all the way even after you scrape it to ensure maximum potency
  6. 3 g's is a little optimistic, unless it's resinous as fuck.

    I'd expect somewhere around two.

    Make sure it's quick. Like a twenty second shake. You can do a second rinse later if you want.
  7. I did 30 sec wash, 91% iso. 2 separate washes, 2 separate balls.

    Probably between the 2 and 3 g estimates. It'll be 2.xx g's total weight.

    Just gotta throw this out. BHO is better IMO. I never qwiso anymore.

  8. gotta agree with this. bho purges in a fraction of the time qwiso takes
  9. say you paid $100 for the bud and you get 2g of oil, that cost you $50 a gram. definetly not worth it all depends what you got the weed for and how nice it is

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