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Qwiso Hash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TakeAHit04, May 6, 2014.

  1. Hey so I've had my grinder for years ( this is my second grinder ever since I started smoking) and I have never really decided to clean it until it got really bad. Well I cleaned it last night by soaking all 4 pieces in a big ziplock bag all together and washed the grinder this morning with water. Now I have two questions, since this is my first time ever cleaning my grinder, I realized I messed up on a part. I poured waaaay too much iso alcohol ( I poured basically the whole bottle of iso into the ziplock) and this morning I poured the alcohol through my grinder screen to filter out the metal pieces onto a plate. 
    Now my two questions are, is this what is it suppose to look like when you are suppose to wait for it to evaporate? also on the bottom of the dish, there are all these lines, are those the hash or is that something else? The lines almost completely cover the bottom of the dish, is that normal? My second question is how long do you think it will take for it to completely evaporate? It's been almost 12 hours already and it did evaporate some, but will it take a week or more for it to fully evaporate cause I used too much? Thanks for any input and sorry if the pictures are big. 

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    Holy crap that's a lot of iso :p
    Definitely going to take at least a few days to evaporate, a week or more would not surprise me. 
    The lines are normal. When it's dry, it'll just look like a bunch of dried powdery stuff in the bottom of the dish. Here's a pic from Hashmouf's Qwiso Guide as an example
    For the record, the name qwiso comes from quick wash iso hash. It's not a big deal since you were just cleaning your grinder with it and there was no plant matter, but soaking it over night is totally unnecessary and would actually negatively impact your product if it were plant matter. Really all you need to do with the grinder is take it apart and put it in maybe a cup of iso, shake it around a bit, and poof done. 
    In fact when I did mine, I used maybe a quarter cup of iso and just shook around each piece separately. Only took a couple minutes and then the qwiso was dry within a few hours. 
    EDIT: Also.. "I poured the alcohol through my grinder screen to filter out the metal pieces onto a plate"
    Metal pieces? There shouldn't be metal pieces coming off your grinder, man. Might wanna look into something higher quality if that's the case. 
    Ya I figured that soaking it overnight was unnecessary, I only did it cause I was searching on google on how to do it and different answers came up so I just left it. Ah ok I just put qwiso cause qwiso hash was the only thing that came up when I searched on google about cleaning grinders, thanks though. Next time I'm just going to clean each piece of the grinder separately, I kinda knew it wasn't right that I poured the whole bottle of iso into the ziplock lol. That's another thing I read online was that people were saying to filter out the iso cause there might be metal shavings from when you use the grinder? I didn't have any coffee filters so I just poured it through my grinder screen.  
    Damn I hope it doesn't go more than a week, I don't want to smell this for more than a week lol. I hope it comes out good for my first run since I've had my grinder for years, there should be a good amount of hash in there. 
  4. I've never evaporated nearly that amount before so it's hard to tell how long it will take.
    It will take less time if there's more surface area, so you could pour that into more dishes or plates if you wanted to take the risk of spilling it. :p 
  5. You know how all the lines are at the bottom of the dish? can I just pour out the top of the iso so it will get smaller? would that be pouring out any of the hash? I just want to pour it to where the alcohol is just right above those lines. 
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    I'm not sure how much hash there would be in the upper portion of the qwiso, but any disturbance is going to kick up those lines and you'll lose some product for sure. 
    EDIT: You meant just like pouring it down the drain, right? Because if you pour it onto another dish, that should be fine. 
    Grrr damnit I guess I can't do anything except wait then  :mad: . Everything looks good so far though right? I just gotta wait now.
  8. Yeah looks fine, here's hoping it doesn't take too long :smoking: 
  9. Ok nice, thanks a lot man.
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    What % isopropyl alcohol did you use? The higher the quicker it'll evaporate

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    I used 99% 
  12. Thats good then, probably still take a fair while since there's so much though, you using a Fan or anything? Would speed it up a bit if you're not

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    I just hope it doesn't take more than a week. I read that some took almost 2 weeks or more to fully dry but I don't know if it's with bud or cleaning the grinder. I want to use a fan but should I point it at the dish? or should I point it away from it? Also should I put the fan on high or just low? 
  14. I'd just stick it on low and point it towards the dish, as long as it's not so powerful that the liquid is actually moving you'll be fine. Shouldn't take longer than a week probably even less, then again I've never used that much. Also if you had access you could use heat to evaporate it quicker

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  15. If you see the liquid looking weavey from the fan then it's too close

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    Ok thanks, I'll try it out. 
  18. You're gonna have to wait forever for that to evap and I honestly have no clue how this is gonna turn out. Purge purge purge though
  19. If you have a sink that's large enough to fit the pyrex container so that it can float freely, boil some water on your stove, stop the sink up, and then place the pyrex dish in the sink.  The dish will float if you put it in gently and flat and not on an angle.  This will greatly decrease your evaporation time.  If you keep cycling almost boiling water into the sink every 20 minutes or so, you should have that iso gone within a few hours. 
    Also, make sure you have a fan blowing out the window if you're going to attempt this, because you're going to get a ton of iso fumes with that rapid evaporation, and you'd probably be better off not breathing in those poisonous vapors. 

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