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Qwiso Hash Question

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Dr3adLoX, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. I've got a variety of material that I want to hash. I've got trim, some immature buds and some very mature buds which unfortinetly have some mold on them. I've never done QWISO and have to ask considering the larger buds do I have to cut them up or grind them or can I wash them whole? Should I run the whole thing as its frozen through the blender and make it into dust? In what condition of the weed does this method work best?

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    not full buds, but not powdered either. Somewhere in between is best. If its broken down to much it will leech out the waxes and chlorophyll a lot easier. I just break it down with my hands into little chunks. 
    edit: check out the ISOhead thread. Tons of good info in there
  3. I think that with the amount of material you are using that your better off with the cold water method using the buckets. But I have made QWISO several times so I can say that you do NOT want to over grind your reefer. It is best to have it broken up into small chunks, but nothing like a grinder or blender or anything like that.
  4. Thanks a lot guys! Wish me luck.
  5. I just remembered I had one more question. The fumes form the isopropanol are not toxic right? At least no more than standard alcohol? Cuz I've got a lot of work to do and I'm probably gonna breathe in a good dose. 
  6. You should be fine, but make sure to open a window or something. It is a really strong smell that can make me sick to my stomachache and if I am around it enough I could see myself puking from it. Don't forget though that you don't need to use a lot.
    And I strongly recommend the 91% ISO. It gets the job done better and evaporates much faster
  7. The one I'm getting is 98%. I'm guessing that will evaporate even faster?
  8. Isopropanol is definitely toxic, have an exhaust fan in your window, just having it open wont really do anything.
    freeze your alcohol, and preferably the buds too if you can, for at least 24hr before extracting, have your freezer on its lowest setting.
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    I did one batch today. Its evaporating right now. It ran very very slowly through the coffee filter and it seemed like theres hash left in the filter so I did it just with a fine strainer. It looked pretty good. No leaf matter in it. But Ive got a question. Is it OK for the material that is washed once to be kept slightly wet with the alcohol in the freezer until the plate evaporates and I can wash it again or do I have to do all the washes one after another? Because Im thinking that probably right now as its sitting with the alcohol its leaking all the chlorophyll. And BTW what happens to the hash when theres a lot of chlorophyll in it? Why is that bad?
  10. OK I get it I fucked up. Its my first time. Ill get it right with the rest of the material. The tutorial I read did not clearly specify that the second wash must come imminently after the first. Just tell me if the stuff that I have wet with alcohol sitting for hours in the freezer is still processable or will I just waist my isopropanol on it? Is hash with a high chlorophyll content (probably all of the chlorophyll) still smokable?
  11. Of course you can smoke it. is that what you're doing with it? dabbing it would probably suck but on a bowl it would be fine.
    You should do like 4 washes right after each other into they're own cup or something. I like to actually cut empty iso bottles in half and do my washes into them occasionally.
    Dont use just a strainer, use the coffee filters too.
  12. Its very very good guys. Im so high right now.  :smoking:
    Thank you very much for the help. May blessings come your way too.

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