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QWISO Hash, help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sceaspit11, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Im making QWISO hash soon, but i have nowhere to put it to evaporate (i dont live by myself). would it still evaporate if i put the plate inside a drawer or a cabinet or something in my garage? if not, where would you recommend i put it?
  2. Can you not just keep it in your bedroom? :confused:
  3. put it on the stovetop, lowest heat possible.

    Have a fan blowing over it.

    It will be ready to go within 1 hour if you used near the minimum amount of iso alcohol
  4. ^That's what I usually do, put it on top of a boiling water pot, on low heat setting. Within 15-20 minutes it's usually all evaporated. Makes me want to go qwiso my grinder right now! :smoking:
  5. No matter where you put it, it'll smell like alcohol. Just put it next to a window with a couple of fans blowin on it. I never put mine over anything to heat treat it, I keep it cold as possible.
  6. if i put the plate over a pot of boiling water, how long will the smell take to air out? is 4-5 hours good if i have 4 windows open?

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