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qwiso hash, has mine grown mold?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Matrixx J, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Hey guys I followed hashmouf's (sp?) guide for qwiso hash and it seems to have turned out great. My only problem is that I fear it may have grown mold.. Is this possible? It has only sit out for about 27 hours or something. When I scraped it off of the plate it was drying on some of it seems to have strings or hairs or something. I did not notice these strings until scraping it off of the plate. The hash that has not been completely compressed sort of clings to each other because of these hairs or strings. This is my first time making my own hash so I really have no idea if this is normal. I tried taking pictures but I cannot zoom in enough to show what I am talking about. Any input from someone who has made this type of hash before would be appreciated. Thanks GC.
  2. Man, I was really hoping for some reassuring replies. I'm dry right now and smoking this hash would definitely get me by.
  3. I'm here dude.

    Whats up?
  4. what colour and size are they
  5. Absolutely tiny, and they are not white fibers like most molds seem to be. I can't be sure of the color because they are so small, hash colored haha.
  6. Flame test a small bit and see if it smells musky...

    I don't know.
  7. I'm thinking about just loadin a bowl and seeing what its like. Then again I've never smoked any hash so not sure what it is supposed to taste like, I'm assuming just like weed?
  8. Harsh from what I've heard. Not too experienced in the hash department.:(
  9. it tastes different than bud in my opinion. your stuff is probably just super dry and its all formed together nice and made a lattice or something, i dont think iso and water will mold over unless you contaminated it or something
  10. Us about 570 post count blades have to stick together.:smoke:
  11. Alright now I am incredibly confused. I made this qwiso with my collection of stems. But... I just looked in my stash and I have a bag full of stems... the stems I thought I made hash with. Where the fuck did they come from? I feel like I am losing my mind and no, I'm not high.. yet.
  12. Weird. Maybe you skipped ahead in the time space barrier.

    Unlikely. :smoke:
  13. Make more. :hello:
  14. Well, whatever I just smoked creeped on me harddd. Making more sounds like a great idea.
  15. Posting out the forums, all night long. :D

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