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  1. So last night i decided to use 1.5 of $100 og to make some QWISO, i used 70% isopropyl, put the 1.5 of ground up weed in a mason jar, pourd the alcohol into it and shook the hell out of it for 25seconds, open the jar and pourd it out thru a filter(method said to shake for 30 seconds but i used the last 5 seconds to open the jar and filter so i didnt go over time) then i ran the solution thru a T-shirt cause i had no coffee filters and didnt want to go buy some at 10pm, then i ran the solution thru a silk cloth i had and i let that evaporate over night. This is what i have reduced it to over night.[​IMG]
    Now to me it doesnt look like other pictures, ive yet to smoke it but it smells like normal oil. Any ideas on what went wrong/right? what i should do next time? any advice is apreciated. i plan to start doing qwiso runs with oz's of trim/shake once i get small scale runs good:smoke:
  2. 91/99% ISO. It's cheap and readily available. The white in second pic I've seen while doing my small runs (still a noob myself, maybe about 10 small batches done) the white residue seems to happen when i don't dry the weed enough before freezing. Next to last pic, may just be me but looks really wet, I'd imagine the extra water on 70% would take way longer to fully dry.

    Anything else I'll leave to people who actually have a clue.
  3. Yeah its been sitting out all day in the sun and dried up a bit more, its now like sand, and how do you normaly dry your bud? i just used bud straight for the clinic, no extra prep...
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    If I was using what normally would be considered smoke-able bud/shake I just leave it out someplace to dry up. I'm fond of propping up a window screen for even drying and no need to rotate but even just on a counter, table, wherever would work

    Limited knowledge here of course, but that looks like a sexy blonde hash to be proud of once it dried I'm sure. It's color is right on in my "normal" hash experiences in life (buying here on the west for....too long) I wish my ISO looked that blonde
  5. So after 2 days i decided it was time to try my (what you call blonde hash). First i packed my cigerette one hitter pipe and put thick layer of it over the top. Smoked it, the hash went off like fireworks and tripped me out...maybe not enough purging?...andi felt nothing so i managed to use the rest of my hash in 2 fat bowls with some hawaiian dream and i was BLOWN! this was my first time smoking qwiso and i did not relize itd be that strong! ive had my share of BHO and QWISO just as good :) looking forward to making more QWISO soon, but i want to melt it down in the oven so its more of a goo...hoping it wont go like fireworks again
  6. The "like fireworks".......just the product bubbling and bursting bubbles? Or flaming air bubbles? Just bubbling is something I have come to expect and as long as the air escaping isn't flammable (mini fireballs) I don't concern myself with it much.

    My real only way to decide if I'm satisfied is the taste. If it taste like hash as I've always known it I'm happy. Once I get the hang if it I can work on perfecting it's looks but for now I'm happy with turning what would normally be in the garbage into something smoke-able. Like I said from my first post, hopefully someone competent pops in to correct or verify some of this.
  7. I make QWISO out of 14 grams of stems.

    15 sec soak/15 sec shake, 2 strainers, 1 coffee filter, and 91% ISO

    I get .5 golden hash that turns black when balled up n squished.

    We call it heroin because you smoke it and you just close your eyes and pass out.

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