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QWISO drying question, glass pics also

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by Rich Khalifa, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. just made grinder QWISO for the first time and i wondering how this looks, also how long approx. for it to dry, its a pretty thin layer on the dish so if anyone can give me their best guess that would be great. Also how do i tell when it is completely 100% dry?

    My grinder is now 100% clean which is awesome because it was so clogged with keif that it would barely collect! i also recommend everyone cleaning their pieces with ISO and some salt, they came out beautiful

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  2. go until you think its dry, then give it one more night
    get some wax paper, and take your scrapings and put them in the wax paper and work it around with your fingers to make it back into a goo.
  3. nice wash, putit on a heating pad, i personaly dont use stove because thats risk. if not give it a solid 24-48 hours. theere will be no liquid at all
  4. i always wait 48 hours for qwiso, can never be too careful! enjoy that shit!
  5. Nice glass man! I gotta get myself an nice Inline tube.
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    I hope you didn't put salt into your qwiso! Haha.

    And like everyone is saying, 24-48 hours. You should be able to turn the plate upside down and nothing will fall out, because all that is left is what is stuck to it.

    The less you wait, the more goopy & liquidy-ish it will be when you scrape it. If you wait longer, it begins to harden a bit and then it's alot nicer to deal with. At least that's what I've found

    EDIT: Another possible way to tell if it's not ready yet: I tried to smoke some of my most recent batch of QWISO only like 12 hours after I made it, and there was sort of like a "crackling" noise when I touched the oil to the skillet - I think this was water rapidly evaporating out of the oil. So if you hear any sort of crackling it's not ready yet. Mine stopped making this noise like 48 hours after it was made

  7. That noise is water boiling and bubbling. Just like when you have semi wet wood in a bonfire, it crackles. The iso in your hash is gone fairly quick, after 12 hours it should be gone, but that 9% water (if you use 91%iso) is still in solution and takes much longer to evaporate and dry out. The longer you let it dry, the less the water content, not the iso content.

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