qwiso blunt

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by drewzilla, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. mmmm :drool:





    yup, it was amazing :smoking:

    white widow buds + fresh qwiso made from quality trimmings from the same plant
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  2. thats some good shit man
  3. must of got you nice
  4. damn dude. Man hows your throat? that many blunts HAS to be hurting
  5. it was surprisingly harsh, i smoke a lot of bunts though so it wasn't too bad
  6. thanks man
  7. that is a blunt!
  8. chea hah. :smoking:
  9. nice blunt, would definatly smoke up on that
  10. beautiful man. lol

  11. thanks i would marry it if i could
  12. Why? If you smoked it you would go to jail for murder :( :smoking:
  13. thats some tight shit man...

    it was like my first high all over again when my bro and i laid a strip of bubble hash as long as the Game inside it.........i cant even imagine an entire blunt of hash!!:hello:

    have fun with that.... im quite jealous haha
  14. Man I'da put that in my Volcano for sure lol. I only say that b/c I know you have one too
  15. thats some crazy stuff man.. where you at in Philly? I got fam out that way in West Chester.

    Anytime I've encountered hash it has got me super high. I'm lookin to roll a blunt using some hash as the actual wrap though.........see if I can see stars! ha
  16. What is that rolled with, a dutch?
  17. o shit nice blunt:D
  18. yeah i can't wait to try that
  19. im trying to figure out how you posted this qwiso blunt and that half ounce blunt threads so closely together, you must be high year round haha
  20. dam that looks dnak you should let that dog in on sum of your goodies

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