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Qwerty sayz ... "IT'S OTAY!"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by ColoradoWolf, Jun 1, 2002.

  1. Well, I went and did it ... After a tad bit over 8 months, I did it. I broke into that little apt-warming present the previous occupants of my apt left for me. Who would've guessed that they would know just the right thing to give me? :D

    I was able to find a local headshop here, so I picked up a pipe, and cleansing stuff. Fuck it ... I'm worth it. ;) Came home, threw a "muffler" together (toilet paper roll with dryer sheets; screens the smell), packed the aforementioned pipe with some of that "apt-warming gift", and fired it up ... Fuck it. :smoking:

    It's pretty good stuff. Not quite as good as that "Elfen Magic", but is anything? :hippie: That first high after not smoking for a while is pretty phat ... I've had two tokes ... that's all. So, this is some good stuff.

    IT'S OTAY!

    Y'all have a phat day. I'm gonna go toke up. Man, cannabis rules.

    Just sharing. :wave:

  2. Hope ya enjoy the Hell outta it!!! :wave: :smoking:
  3. ~~ enjoy your high, colorado wolf! hope the herb lasts you awhile!

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