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  1. So I'm about two months into when I said I should have quit. Im going to pick up a bag today and I hope its my last until the above mentioned time. 
    I find when you haven't smoked anything for a week or two the benefits of you quitting start actually making sense to you. Infact you even start kicking yourself about how much money you spent on the shit in the first place. Such was the experience of when I quit at this time last year. 
    Reasons for: 
    - Health
    - Peace of mind
    - Money
    - Productivity
    - University 
    Right now im on about 2-4gs a week which sets a UK citizen back about £40, Ive also been combusting for the past three months since I lost my pax charger. I guess allot of people have self control when they smoke weed by rationing it and only taking it at certain times. For me when I have weed or money in the account I just have to smoke atleast a joint a day.   
    Any of you trying to quit?
    How long into it are yee?
    How much do you smoke a week?  

  2. The longest i made it was 2 and a half years.
  3. Oh ... and ive smoking 80% weed and 20% tobacco spliffs since I was 14. Am 26 now..... 
  4. Why four years?
    Ill be going to university next year sept and need to focus on the subject at hand. I dropped out of uni for smoking to much weed/drugs, not going to mess it up when I go this time.
    Also I have a drugs test mid Jan, usually takes me about 2-3months to get it out of my system. 
  6. Honestly the only times I don't smoke are when i am traveling via airplanes, and even then I bring some edibles along. I have quit before, one time for a couple weeks, the other for a couple of days. Maybe just smoke a spliff at night before bed so that it doesnt interfere with your routine and daily activities?
  7. Dont blame the weed, blame the other drugs.
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    Quit...who cares? If you truly feel you have responsibilities that outweigh your selfish desire to toke up then good for you for making good decisions....but as for me , I don't need to "quit" when I have more important things to do,,, I just don't do it...but there WILL come some down time when you'll want some and some drastic measure like "QUITTING" may set you up for failure if all you do is take a small toke or two in your down time...Is it really necessary to QUIT OUTRIGHT just so you assure yourself to be responsible, or can you just BE RESPONSIBLE and toke when the times allow safely? Just sayin.
  9. Or blame yourself lol, because its up to you if you wanna do drugs or not.
    Im not responsible when it comes to weed, I am very much one of those stoners that might otherwise give good responsible stoners like you a bad name. Maybe when I come back to it in 4 years time I might be able to do it with moderation. 
    I say this as just as Im about to smoke one of my last joints. 
  11. With that attitude odds are you wont be "quitting".
  12. I've been on a hiatus from being a daily toker, smoking up maybe three times since early September. Since I turned 20, I've gone on and off from being a daily toker to only on occasion with generous friends. Asking about quitting on a toker forum is like asking about starting eating on an anorexic forum. 
    Here's my two-pence from when I quit smoking tobacco two years ago;

    -Don't make it about something you shouldn't do, or couldn't do - make it something you simply don't do, period. 
    -Make it into a budgetary issue. Turn the cash into savings or a travel fund. That way, you definitely can't afford it anymore.
    -One relapse does not mean it's over. Letting a friend talk you into taking a drag does not mean your commitment to yourself is over. Just move on with your commitment from there. 
    -Exercise, morning or night. Don't worry about how you are starting on, just get to it and you'll start feeling healthier and overall better. 
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    Since I started I've never made it more than a month. But it's not like I've ever tried to quit for more than a month.
    I think you should do whatever you think is best for you and your life. If that means quitting weed for 4 years or 40 years, go for it.

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