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Qustions About Taking Hits.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bart Rayis18, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. I've been a regular for a year or so now. I have a wonderful bong, bubbler, and bowl. I'm not a hardcore "smoke constantly throughout the day" but I'll smoke once or twice (unless with friends) before I go to bed.

    I have persuaded my girlfriend to the pleasures of smoking and we usually smoke at least once when we're together.

    My pieces (excluding the bong) are very odd to hit sometimes. We'll take a few hits and then it will taste cashed but I KNOW it isn't. Green seems to be on top and the "whiteness" of the ash is not usually seen. This usually only happens with my girlfriend and I but with others, it cashes correctly, leaving no green whatsoever. I chatted with a buddy about it and he said it may be the bowl shape but I find that hard to believe considering I've smoked these pieces with my friends many times and have had no problems.

    Any suggestions or solutions?

    I do have a grinder but the holes are somewhat wide, resulting with larger flakes. Could be a possible culprit.
  2. when youre pulling and lighting some green will fall through the hole as it is burnt up or partially burnt up, sometimes not even at all, when it is covered in smoke and passes through the hole carved for it it will pick up a resin taste that goes into your mouth, get a screen. try pulling lighter
    edit: also cleaning out your bowls may help
  3. try adding some screens to your bowls.
  4. I've never usually used screens before though so I'm wondering why this problem is not happening all the time with my pieces. I clean them regularly at least once a month.
  5. i tend to notice things alot more when im toking alone, like the swirls in the swirls of the colors in the glass i didnt notice until i was smoking alone, and i didnt realize my bong was not properly made when i smoked it by myself and got water in my mouth, i'd use trial and error with screens, pulling lightly, and cleaning and see which solves the problem, does it happen right after you clean it? is your bud really ground up when you pack it or are there some small nugs?
  6. sounds like shes not covering the carb
  7. Well my grinder breaks it up sort of chunky so I'm trying to finer grind it by grinding it upside-down.
  8. Lol think about how hard that would be to hit
  9. grinding it too fine will cause it to be sucked right into the hole, i think thats whats happening since you taste it but its not cashed yet, ive watched some weed fall down the hole before, i almost cried,
    break it up less with your fingers next time and see what happens
  10. Nah haven't had any fall-throughs or I would have tasted the happy meal.
  11. hold the lighter more away from the bowl, lighting it really close might cause it to taste more burnt
  12. I shall try that. Thanks for the tips everyone and feel free to leave more if any have been left out.

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