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    So as usually my morning started with my logging online to discover that one of my favorite artists was going to release a new single. I knew I wasn't gonna miss the moment it released, but I thought for a second, wouldn't weed let me experience that moment deeper? My mind responded with a quick yes, and from the on the deal was made. I would smoke medical marijuana before hearing the song. Then the questions came. Where? When? How? Immediately I turned to online sources for advice on smoking outside. It had to be outside because my school is legit the most strict when it comes to smoke. I then decided after pondering for hours to go ahead and do it outside, and I knew where.

    A dead street near my school, where I wouldnt get caught. I had everything set up afterwards. I bought a monster energy drink, rolling paper and a lighter. Perfect combination. Except it was missing the last piece. Weed. I quickly made a blunt and let it sit for a few. The release would be at 4 so time passed til I went at 2:30. Walked accross my security guard at my college campus and went to the dead, most likely owned by families type, street. I walked fast and looked for any way of smoking near the homes. Hell no. Then bam, I saw a pile of snow and some space behind it, but it was near a garage. I ran to it and decided to smoke the shit up then and there. I took about 20 hits. Shit. Then I walked fast to my room and felt time going slower and slower. Every move, slower and slower.

    Then bam, I got in my room. With the icy walkways I thought I was gonna break my neck. I run to my room and at one point I think someone yelled for me. I got in my room and thought, fuck, its a few minutes before the release. I gotta post this. So there you go. After the whole day figuring out that it wasn't* going to be a horrible experience, it was done and conquered.

    This happened 10 minutes ago. :smoke:
  2. Monsters are bomb with cannabis. Glad you got high and home without incident
  3. Bro, you shouldn't of tripped that hard, always think positive not thinking its going to be a horrible day.
  4. lmao, sorry I didn't mean that it was a horrible experience, I meant that it wasn't*
  5. Oh then its all good broseph.
  6. lol so where's the risk?
  7. What was the song?
  8. the risk was mostly of the tight security at my school and around the area. My school is really conservative so I feared that they would kick me out.

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