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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by LankySwag, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Would be awesome!

    I'm on another forum, it's practically like FB in that bitch!

    But seriously, there's so many members, and it's hard to know if you've been quoted because of so many threads/posts unless you sub a thread.

    Would be dope to be notified when someone quotes you!
  2. Oh god no that'll be just as annoying as likes.

  3. You're just tooooo popular eh :p

    But nah, likes are just "oh good post sir" basically

    While quotes are actual conversations
  4. I wouldn't mind if they replaced like notifications with quote notifications instead.
  5. Well...it is available...


    You'll see it under Edit Options (I know I do...don't know if it shows up for regular members or not), but like it says...it's a paid member privilege...so if you really want it, you know what to do...

  6. Interesting, it should be for all members IMO, but what else would the premium members buy for?

    I don't see the quote notifications coming available for everyone unless something like IM is added for premium.
  7. The quote notifications are fairly new...I bought a membership just to help support GC...feel it was only fair, considering how much I have gotten from this site, to return something...

    There is the Nirvana section as well...;)
  8. No. I am talking about the digits which appear on the right side of "Notifications" tab on the home page. I mean when some one likes my post and I refresh the home page, it will show "Notifications: 1" but when I check it, it is the one which I liked on others' posts. I hope I cleared my point..
  9. I noticed that option as well. It was weird too, because I got a quote notification for one post, but I have not subscribed. It only happened the one time.

    I tried buying gold already several times, but apparently GC hates my credit cards. :(

    This is extremely awesome. I love it. A lot. Thanks!!! A lot!!! :yay: :gc_rocks:

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