Quiz ,Can you guess this movie?

Discussion in 'General' started by Skywalker298, Jan 23, 2014.

  1.  rules:

    You ask a question;
    - Either by quoting a person from a movie.
    - Or adding a picture of a person/thing/theme of the movie.
    - Anything that is easily recognized or associated with the movie.

    You answer a question;
    - Either by simply answering the title of the movie.
    - Adding additional information (Much approved!)
    - If the answer is most likely to be correct,  go ask the next question.
    Wait until it's your turn
    Post answers to the current question

  2. I'll start "You believe your son is safe?,I will find him"
  3. Man of steel^^^"See this watch? It cost more than your car."
  4. Lets go for a classic bladez!
    "Say hello to my little friend!!!!!"
    Love ya'll
  5. We have enough "game" threads in General. This belongs in the movie section which likely has something like it already.
  6. Is the "guess the movie with a poor description" thread still around?

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