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Discussion in 'General' started by Pacaveli, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. you guys probably dont know me i wasnt that popular around here but i dont htink im gona be smoking weed anymore. i may smoke on tuesday because it is my birthday but i dont know about after that. whenever i smoke i just become lazy and i realize my personality while sober has gotten lazy too. even friends i used to hangout with before we smoked we used to do fun stuff now we smoke and we dont do anything.

    i never really saw this i was te type that knew the facts just like y ou guys and would always stick up for bud when people said it was bad for you and all that crap. i still respect you guys for what you do but to me it just makes me lazy. i think i realized that weed brings out your REAL inner self. the person you were while a kid in a way, before our personalities were changed by our surroundings, and in a way its makin me lazy. im gonna probably take this site off my favorite places on aol so i dont go on and then get the urge to blaze up.

    happy smoking everybody its been fun
  2. Yeah, that happens when all you do is smoke weed. it's called control and moderation. Sounds like you definitely need a tolerance break/just a break. But maybe you should just keep it to the weekend or something. Good luck man :)
  3. im not that well-known on the site either:p oh well, to each his own. i hope you find what works out for you. i hope its not a self control issue and just a dosage issue. but remember, if you do decide to start up again on your own terms, the city will be here and we'll be able to help you out with some stuff (helpline).
  4. if it's making you lazy then i think you just aren't smoking the right weed. try to get a good sativa and go hiking, play football, or just whatever else you come up with.

    give weed another try.
  5. if you want to be productive smoke at the river or something with a bunch of girls.
    water is the shit while high.
  6. Dont use weed as a lifestyle, use it as a way to reward your lifestyle..after a hard days work or after a good still on a break for a job drug test comin up, but once i take it im gonna keep it to a nightly thing to just unwind and sleep well
  7. lol that is the thing im not a daily smoker. when i do somoke it is 99% of the time on the weekends. but whenever i do it im just lazy. i smoke good bud too i live in NY al l i see is dank bud. who knows maybe tuesday will change my thoughts but probably not.
  8. Well then you're just a REALLY lazy person. theres no way just toking on the weekends can have that much of an effect.

    It's usually 95% of the time, the users problem. not a little plant.

  9. lol i know where your coming from, i stick up for it to justy like you. but sometimes you gotta realize there are downsides to marijuana. i know its nice to talk about how perfect and how great it is but trust me it makes me lazy. it makes me lazy as in whenever i walk now i realize i walk alot slower and i realized some of the effects while high i feel sober. i always now have that feeling where im just thinking in my head and just like not paying attention to anything else, daydreaming.

    i also feel a lot dumber too.
  10. I'm guessin you're not too bright to begin with...just guessin
  11. yeah dude that last post sounds lik youre just blaming your problems on the herb.

    take a break, and see if youre problems go away.

    then again since you BELIEVE your problems are from weed, its inevitable that youll feel better after quitting.

    good luck, return when the times right.
  12. Weed is what you make of it.

    For me, my grades soared, I'm more creative, relaxed, and spiritual. Every time I smoke I try to learn somethng from it. There's a constant cnage of ideas and sometimes I can't stop thinking of new things.

    If you have it in your mind that you won't be lazy or dumb and that you will be creative or productivem then that's how marijuana will be.
  13. Quitters never win and winners never quit.
  14. exactly! its the mindset man. the downsides are only there if you want them to be dude. good luck and return soon :D

  15. lmao

    OP, i know what you are saying. i am not degrading or sticking up for weed but just talking from my experience. i dunno if it was the weed or my depression but i felt the same way one point in my life. the truth was, i was smoking way too much. when i stopped for a while life felt a whole lot better. i needed that tolerance break. i dont know how much you smoke but a break is a good thing. you may come back to it and it may be different/better. you should take a break at least without calling it "quitting" with the intent of not smoking it again, or without calling it a "t-break" with intentions of smoking it again. just take a break and see how you feel and make your decision from there. good luck whatever your decision is.
  16. Never blame the weed for your boring life.
  17. i like how you think you all know me. fuck all you guys who think your cool because you smoke weed and that puts you above society, and everyone in society who doesnt smoke weed are mislead and doesnt know the stuff that you do. each of the replies given were you guys telling me im wrong like in some way you watch me and you know how i was before i started smoking. i started smoking reguarly the beginning of this school year and looking back, month by month, my personality has been drained more and more.

    yeah weed makes me think outside of the box, but for ME its not good to do 2-3x weekly.last summer before i started smoking i was always the life of the party now im the exact opposite, x100 if im high. ive lost my sense of humor, im more to myself and less social, and im more mopey too. maybe its great for you guys but i dont see myself doing it for at least a couple of months andf if i do, do it again its not going to be a normal thing.

  18. No one thinks they're above society for smoking weed. Its not for everyone thats all im sayin. Specifically the less intelligent
  19. if your saying im "less intelligent", your wrong because ive always gotten good grades, and ive always been smart. your comment is just another comment thinking you know me when you dont
  20. the OP is not worth anyone on heres time he came here looking for an argument dont let him waste your time guys and ya of course your not well known on here kid you have 190 posts and you seem pretty lame

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