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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by yoyocoolbs4, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Hi, my name is Harrison, let me first say I have borderline personality disorder, depression, severe anxiety, ADHD, and fibromyalgia, I'm pretty young and I am trying to quit to help me function, i was so psychotic sober I was hallucinating people out of peripheral vision but when I turned there was no one there, I was drenched in sweat every day, running to the bathroom every 10 mins, anyways I withdrew for now, even now the ibs feels like knives going thru my intestines, the GI doctor won't prescribe meds cause he's affraid I'll get constipated even though I told him I'd only use it a couple times a week, it's horribly painful constantly, I've been hospitalized twice, been in 2 treatment programs and have tried therapy and meds for years but nothing has helped like weed, it got rid of all my symptoms m, but sadly made my psychotic symptoms worse, so the antipsychotics my doc prescribed were 7 different antipsychotics and all of them caused horribl traumatizing psychotic episodes, what the hell should I do?i don't know where else to turn

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  2. follow the doctors advice, if you have a bad doc, find a different one, dont self medicate 
  3. I've gone through over 9 psychiatrists and therapists, and it's not self medicating if you get it legally right?

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  4. "Quitting" Quitting what?... 
    I pretty much have all your symptoms and have been in the same position as you, with having terrible pharmaceuticals almost cause death and terrible side effects.

    I self medicate with marijuana now, better than nothing. 
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    Doctors help. Thats what they are trained to do. Listen to them. As far as cannabis and your symptoms are concerened..(I suppose thats why you are here) I would suggest juicing a high cdb strain with little or none thc...drink that several times a day...cant hurt...non psychoactive and non need to hook up with a that for your area or contact local cannabis clubs for help. Good luck.
  6. What state do you live in? You can't just get weed prescribed to you in every state.

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