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  1. After the last few months ive been getting signs left right & centre that i need to drastically cut down my weed consumption, its been almost 9 years of practically daily use, for the times after exercise & meditation when i feel totally clean i feel so great, so im gonna go at least a month without any... ive seen people have dire consequences for not heeding the signs that life gives us... i cant keep ignoring the signs anymore...

    I feel that my life is destined for a solely spiritual path & i need a clean sober mind to fully make my meditation permanent, im talking full blown Buddhahood, not pretending to be 'spiritual' but actually dying into the Truth & giving my life in service to the Truth

    I'll still eat a brownie every now & then just gotta stop toking my vape everyday, ive put it away in the cupboard...

    Any tips, advice to help with quitting?

    I already exercise alot, eat healthy, meditate...

    The main trouble i think ill have is insomnia

    Thanks in advance ofr any advice/support

  2. I went to a porn site once to ask how i could get rid of my obsession with porn. Didn't work out for me.
  3. i went from smoking damn near a half ounce of cali nug a day to just over a gram a day.

    I like weed, i really do... but it makes me a lil paranoid sometimes and stresses me out. opiates dont do that to me really.
  4. its midnight, just got back from work, usually right about now id be cooking some food & heating up the vape...


    time to go to bed & surely have some fucking krazy dreams!
  5. I donno, I go on and off smoking regularly. I quit for a month or two at a time before starting again on occasion. I really don't find it difficult.

    Have any friends that you trust? No, not those, ones, friends that you REALLY trust. Let them hold on to your vape for you. I know, that's a big step, but not having it at the ready makes things easier. For that matter, don't keep buds around the house. Another idea would be not hanging out with people that smoke continually unless you have the determination of a rhino.

    Are rhinos determined animals? They seem like it to me. Perhaps not the first word that I'd use to describe them, but I'd say it's in the top ten.
  6. KGB it
  7. ive got a lil bit of weed in my freezer, brownies in my fridge & my vape in a close cupboard, i need to be able to have these things around without caving in, i enjoy weed too much to have to be separated from it totally in order to cut down, at my work people come in offering me free weed alot so i have to be able to be Mr Rhino!

    so far so good...
  8. I've been forced to "quit" recently due to a lack of supply in my area, i'd like to smoke but can't. Anyway the first two nights or so will be a little hard to sleep but it's the boredom that makes it hard. I have turned to videogames to keep me occupied and keep my mind busy and I must say it's a whole lot easier now. So I would just reccomend finding somthing else that you enjoy in your life and getting more interested in it to keep the thaughts of weed at bay. And be prepared to deream some crazy shit.
  9. why do people quite like that, especially when your using a vape, the most healthy way of consumption IMO.

    I think sometimes people think way too fucking much. why not slow down?
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    eating it is the most healthy way of 'consumption' lol

    im sure when the weekend rolls around ill have a flapjack made with cannbutter

    i just cant hit the vape so much anymore
  11. You're going to have to explain that one to me. What's KGB'ing it? Isn't KGB the old Russian secret service or something? Perhaps they would know if a rhino is determined, but would they tell me?
  12. text any ( and i mean ANY) question to 542 542. KGB KGB. and yes, they would tell you. and no, they wouldnt kill you in secret
  13. +rep OP
    you sound like a very smart dude
  14. so far ive blazed on some days & not on others, the fact ive been able to not blaze on certain days is quite good after such a long habit, im gonna have a good time with a friend 2night then give it a long while of nothing, im not gonna set a time frame as realistically the mind can never set in stone what will happen

    just takin it one day at a time from now i guess...
  15. Good luck to you dude. I've been off weed for 5 months to focus on school.Things really are better without it in parts of your life. I plan on starting up again, but quitting before getting married. I hope I can show as much progress as you so quickly.
  16. I just stopped after 6 solid months of daily smoking... and 9 years of smoking on and off. Weed hasn't really been affecting my life negatively or positively in the past but I just got an Intern at an Investment firm and decided I didn't want to be all groggy in the morning and to make a good impression for future opportunities.

    Its only been 3 days but I feel completely energized and can think twice as fast and generally have a lot more energy. The insomnia the first night was absolutely brutal though... not gonna lie, I tossed and turned for 4 hours, got about 3 hours of shitty sleep with intense dreams about being hit by trains etc... lol.. and puked on the way to work for some reason. But that's just the way it goes when you're body is used to the thc putting you to sleep every night.

    I do miss just chillin with my roomate's and seshing... but I feel like it has to stop at some point in life. Especially because I smoke with tobacco, which makes it that much more unhealthy. I do plan on having the odd joint or whatever occasionally once my intern ship is over, but I feel like a nice 3 months break is due in my life to remember what life without weed is like.

    Anyone in a similar position?
  17. lol... the thc must still be lingering, this thread is 3 years old! haha ah well
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    Way to be a true OG, quitting aint easy. Plus it makes smoking so much more amazing when you return

    Respect the herb and it will respect you back :smoking: this next bowls for you man
  19. Weed is good and all but your health and well being should always come first, I wish you good luck.

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