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Quitting Weed And I Need Some Advice

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by QueenCityBlazin, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. As hard as it is going to be it is time for me to give up smoking for an indefinite period of time. I started smoking occasionally about two years ago when I started college and things were great, however the last year it has been an every day habit. Looking back on the last year it is totally fuzzy and I realize I have made many mistakes. I got yanked out of college by my parents because they went to move my stuff out of my apartment and found around 10 pieces, a fair amount of bud, and other paraphernalia. My mind no longer feels as sharp and I have problems socially and emotionally. I also have been dealing with some severe anxiety and depression issues that I feel weed has only served to amplify lately. I am also living at home and feel that I should respect my moms rules about not smoking while living at her house. Finally I am about to start school again and I feel I need to focus more on my academics and getting my life in order before I start smoking again.
    With that being said I am about to have my last session for a while. Tomorrow is my first day without bud in over a year and I'm getting anxious. What should I expect over the course of the next few weeks and months? Will I ever regain the mental clarity and emotions that I had before I started? Also what are some tips for making the process easier? How long will it take before the cravings stop? Will my psychological issues get worse before they better ?
    I feel like I should mention that I am in no way putting down weed by doing this. I love weed and I have had some of the best experiences of my life while high, but I feel like its time for me to change for a little while.Thanks for the help everyone!

  2. From what it looks like, your psychological problems stem from your problems in real life. I would try really hard to focus on fixing whatever it is that happened.. You're smart for quitting cannabis for now, the 'cravings' if any will probably stop within a few days.
    I really do mean this when I say it; Live a healthy lifestyle. It will make you happy, your emotional and social problems go away (unless you're just a straight up weirdo, in that case I can't help you) and you'll do better academically, which is all great. Just eat healthy, exercise, lift if you don't already, and just get outside more often. Goodluck man, life goes on.
  3. First 2 weeks-3 month is the hardest (gets easier everyday during that time though) I'm a week away from month 4 and I now feel much clearer and don't crave it as much as I did the first few weeks and months. I still think about it a lot and everyday (cuz I hang with a lot of stoners) but that urge has passed significantly. I can't wait to start smoking again, but the clarity has been real nice. Honestly I've compensated with a lot of drinking though, not a healthy alternative, but whatever I guess. I'm someone who enjoyed life more in an altered state of mind, not a fucked up state of mind, just altered.
  4. Sometimes I wonder if those that suffer from mental issues with weed are just going through spiritual growth and don't know how to handle it. 
    That is definitely what happened to me.
  5. Hey man I'm quitting as well. Same reasons as you. Mind and because of my mother. It's not that hard to be honest. I haven't been at it as long as you have but I was a daily toker. Just keep reminding yourself that your better of without it (not saying people are better off without weed, I just find this trick helps) and I'd you don't have a job get one. It's a great way to work hard to get it off your mind and to make you worn out so you can sleep easier. All in all its not as hard as you think just try your best not to think about it and keep yourself really busy
  6. Let's see, Me using the weed for almost 40 years.  For me the physical portions of withdrawl  last less than a week.  I quit for almost 15 years, when kids were young.  There was not 1 day in that time, I didn't want some herb............. Thank God, for peer pressure.  I quit cocaine 25 years ago after 2-3 gram a day usage, cold turkey, ZERO future cravings.  Stopped the coke less than a year before the Herb, break.
    Point is,
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    I've smoked 3 times in the past 4 weeks, but I haven't smoked at all in 2 weeks. The first night was difficult to sleep a bit because I was so used to going to bed high. For about 2 days, I wanted it, but I wouldn't say that I craved it. 14 or so days later, I don't really care. Yeah, it'd be nice to have because I remember how much fun stuff was while high, but it's not always on my mind. I guess it's a forced tolerance break, which I'm okay with :D

    Just remember that weed isn't addictive. The only "withdrawal" symptoms you experience are because your body has gotten accustomed to be high so often. They'll go away within a day or two.

    I've never really experienced a fuzzy or loss of clarity due to weed, but I know that some people have. Once the residual THC exits your body, you should go back to normal. Weed doesn't "fry" your brain like other drugs do

    Happy toking!

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  8. @Jack6468@93gc40@iluvlucy@BurnAFewDown@JaysForDays

    Thanks for the responses everyone.
  9. From your spelling and grammar it seems like you might could use a time out from altering your mind as well. I never said weed was the only cause of my problems, in fact I said I had other issues which I need to deal with that will be easier to deal with sober, which is why I'm choosing to stop. But thanks for your time and happy toking man!
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    What works for one won't work for others.
    The one thing to remember is that you've formed a habit which has served as a short-term fix for your issues. The reason you're smoking so much is that you've come to rely on the weed's ability to help you deal with your issues, and have suffered a loss in ability to handle stress and whatever other problems you face.

    There's 2 things I can recommend you try. I've quit before and it was very easy to do it and be fine with it. I only lasted several months before I went back to it, but the decision to start again was something I had thoroughly considered before actually doing so.

    1. Take an adamant stance on your decision and conclude that your decision is final. It is vital that you remain firm with yourself and remove all temptation which causes you to have the need to do so. It's hard to tell yourself 'no' if you have opportunity. Remain vigilant and don't let yourself even think about slipping. Essentially, once you've made the decision to stop, don't allow yourself to second guess that decision. This creates an internal conflict which usually results in a lapse of judgement. It's true for all habits, from masturbation to meth to laziness. The only difference is that marijuana does not have addictive properties, so all you need is self control. Sure, that is easier said than done, but it's just like starting a workout routine... you have to make a plan and stick to it.

    2. This is a bit more complicated and requires that you start dealing with your issues in a healthy way. If you need a therapist to talk you through some things, don't be irrational and push away the professional advice. While there is a bad label on therapy, it's actually something that many highly successful people use to get insight and to simply talk out their issues with someone who has probably helped others deal with things far worse than your problems. If you don't start dealing with your issues in a healthy way, your reliance on weed will not lessen and you'll be facing serious self control issues. Not only will dealing with issues healthily make you feel accomplished, it will also help you to prevent relapses in the future.

    Smoking weed is a great past time. However, I've noticed that there's been times where it makes me just not care enough to deal with some of life's bullshit. That's great and all, but my mind knows that it's not healthy. Not being prepared to handle issues as they arise can cause stress, and that stress can escalate if you don't maintain it.

    I wish you luck in quitting. You may realize, just as I did, that a healthy balance can be achieved as long as you are in the zone to smoke, rather than just smoking when you feel like it. If you get to the point where you can start again, set a limit for yourself and don't break it. Make it a weekend ritual which you use to unwind and reflect, or a reward for when you do a good job. You'd be surprised at how much more you enjoy it when you're using it as a positive reinforcement rather than an emotional suppressant. :)
  11. to bad grammar dont matter when im ballin.....
  12. i kno but it come wit the hustle. im sure my mind cud use some altering from all the shit ive seen recently im goin crazy. nd my bank accounts only getting fatter. but its not any happiness. i kno everythin. im only 18 but i seen it all. nd i done it all. 
  13. i wasnt rtryna be a douche but bein real. its not weeds fualt. grammar dfont matter when i count numbers. 
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    Such lack of grammar and punctuation. This boys a shot caller.

    I hope your hustling goes well and you never have to fill out a job application.
  15. im a owner and ceo of K.M.D Imports....i have my shit together. i was about my money since day one. ive held jobs when i had to. i payed rent at 15 wen i had to. i built computers nd rootted nd jailbroke phones when i was younger. posted ads on craigslist wit little buisness card. had 10 customers a day within a month. i might get some of my money in grimy ways tht i wont even say cuz ill break down but everyone making money misreble out here in LA. jus cuz i dont give a fuck bout grammar on a forum dont mean shit. 
  16. i'm in the same spot. it's good to quit for awhile and clear your head. Always temporarily though i'll never fully stop. plus after you quit for awhile you get completely ripped after starting up again
  17. I quit twice, for a month each time for medical reasons.
    The first week sucked. Mostly because I'm a creature of habit. I don't like changing up my routine. Beyond that, I was just grumpy and had no appetite (lost about 15 lbs each time, not that I needed to).
    I highly recommend getting a new hobby to help redirect your mind.
  18. Just think of it as a long t break. I smoked every day for years and then to stop because I was getting drug tested for baseball and if I failed I would get kicked off and lose my scholarship. If you can pretend something like that is happening it will not be hard at all. It does suck tho. Good luck
  19. to drop a habit you need a habit to take its place, if you wanna quit find something else to do in the time u would've spent smoking, maybe reading walking going to the gym, whatever works for u
    Best advice yet. Can't really say anymore than this! 
    I wasn't in the exact situation as you OP, but I have had problems in the past. Seriously, follow what this guy said and things will go 1000x better. Get your shit together, get a job, work out, find other shit to do. Be more active socially. Maybe finish college and get an entry level job? It will be so much better once you get your life together.
    Right now it seems like you are lucky. You realized you had problems before you reallyyy fucked up. Some people haev to hit rock bottom hard before they realize what's up. Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders...
    Weed is not going anywhere man. It's legal in 2 states now and more will follow. Hell I can make a short little trip to CO and buy some if I was that desperate...  But that's what calms me when I have no bud. It's not going anywhere any time soon.
    Eat right, study, work out, find new hobbies, just live a healthy lifestyle.

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