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Quitting until friday

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KushChronicFire, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. So I have smoked at least a dub a day for as long as I can remember for the last year, with the exception of very few days off. My tolerance is crazyyyy high and it doesnt help im 6'3 250. So im going to quit until friday, buying a fat sack and getting fried, cutting diet down to healthy shit and lots of mangos. Any tips for helping me stay sober?
  2. man i'm planning on doing the same thing. Been smoking like and lately and my high's dissipate WAY to quickly. I just kinda buzz for a while and then that's it, just TERRIBLE
    Plus im spending way to much money.
    I don't know how sleep will be without either bud or melatonin, i'll have to go pick some up tomorrow.

    so here's to some support to you!!! and me i guess..
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  4. Goodluck to you to bro!

  5. you will not be able to sell and not smoke till oct 8th if your already having a hard time making it till friday. trust me ive tried under the same circumstances and it is not easy....
  6. dont listen to anyone that tells you that you cant do it, you can do anything if youve got self control and keep your eyes on the prize
  7. You got this shit bruh! Eat healthy, workout, drink water, FEEL GOOD! Trust me man, youll feel great. The day you do smoke, workout before you smoke. Trust me on that. Good luck but I know you dont need. You got this!;)

    Also thinking of "got this" Go listen to a Young Jeezy song called "Dont Worry (I Got This)" its motivational and sounds great!:D
  8. Cool story bro...

    this doesn't belong in seasoned all for whatever reason you may come up with, it's wrong

  9. First off, haha @ the title.
    Quitting.. ... untill Friday

    But its a good thing, i know my tolerance has been hella high and it makes smoking less special and thats just not what u want. But as for any tips;
    Have sex and/or beat your meat more often, it just produces this joy hormone that seems to kind of replace the cannabinoids and thc for me.

    Excercise also helps, while you Are going to be in a period of non-stonedness, you can actually do fit things like working out.
    Have fun friday. :smoke:
  10. I will join you on this, I wont smoke until friday night.
    Hope more join us! :hello:
    If we pull this off im gonna get so high on friday! :smoking:
  11. i smked saturday and im waiting for thursday..i feel you :)

    just keep your mind off go play some ball go to the gym..eatsomegood food..sleep...go beat the meat like someone else said ahha

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