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Quitting tobacco

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mason1990, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. So I'm quitting tobacco and don't really have enough money yet to smoke pure all the time what else can you use instead of tobacco to mix in joint
  2. Spearmint I used to use thatto help the taste of reggie
  3. I'm in the same boat now, it was actually mostly smoking spliffs, that I think got me addicted to tobacco..(shit right?)...I'm wanting to quit now though, but like you, I can't really smoke joints, with no tobacco..I'll have to use more weed, otherwise it'll be like a toothpick (as I only use 0.5g per joint), and every time I've rolled one, I seem to finish it in
  4. I've mixed in sage with weed many a time, it smokes well and doesn't have as harsh of a taste as tobacco. Love tobacco, but due to health reasons blah blah blah; OP feels me. You can grab some from your local grocery store, or hit up an herb shoppe. Personally I'd go with the latter...

  5. Had a friend with the same issue. His response was to buy a quarter of mersh or mids to blend into joints. I'd stick with the sage though, destroyed the taste and mucked up the high if you ask me.
  6. I'll try sage haha
  7. or you could, ya know, smoke bowls. or not mix any herbs which you have no idea the effects of into joints. in all honesty keep the weed with the weed. if you feel the need for a little tobacco then put some in a spliff. just quit the cigarettes man, trust me I wish I could XD
  8. Yeah I had to quit cold turkey November of 2011, shit blows. Especially when you're in a neck brace, and can hardly move. The hydrocodone helped though, lol
  9. Dry out your feces and smoke them. Tastes pretty good and contains alot of THC and other cannibinoids
  10. Reminds me of movie almost heros where chris farley gets high on cow crap

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