quitting the game (please read)

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  1. A little background info, I am a college basketball player, who didn't play in high school. I worked incredibly hard the last couple of years to be where I am now, and now that I am a player, I no longer desire to play. When does someone decide to stop playing the game competitively, even if they are really talented at it?

  2. I think you just answered your own question.
  3. It really depends man. Are you doing it for scholarship reasons?

    If not, then no biggie. Just quit. Or wait until the end of the season to quit.
  4. Y would u quit man u worked so hard to succeed at ball and now it gonna throw it away I'd atleast wait til college ends to quit unless ur barely playin and it's not even worth it

  5. Because he doesn't enjoy it anymore.
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    i stopped playing baseball because of the wear and tear on my shoulder

    that and the whole coaches sons type of shit

    then when i got to highschool it was still there coaches sons getting starting spots their freshmen year, and coaches just in general dick riding other players

    shit was so wack I just couldn't stand it , I think I can start up my baseball career up untill i'm about 25 but I really don't think its gonna happen lol

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