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Quitting, stomach and body issues

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ma-Ja, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Hi!

    I’ve quit smoking weed after two years of daily smoking (a lot!) and I feel like shit now. I quit 3 days ago, and since then my body feels old and achy. My head hurts. I’m nauseous. My stomach is freaking out and my appetite is weird, it’s mostly gone all day and I can’t eat anything but then suddenly within a second I feel the biggest urge to eat, a cramp of hunger that hurts like I’m starving. However, I still can’t eat more than a few bites before I’m already feeling full again. My question is... how long does this last? Any experiences?
  2. At most probably about 5 days, it is really psychological, my wife gets like this after a few days of not smoking, for me I just have trouble sleeping and the appetite thing you described. For me at the 4th day I was pretty much back to normal but I haven't had to go without smoking for a while now
  3. Not sure how long it lasts, I just took a break from smoking daily for 2+ years and I was just fine. There is a reddit subforum I think it is r/leaves, you may find some better info and one that is a lot more helpful than my own. :)

    People handle quitting or taking breaks differently. It seems to also depend on how much you use and also how much you depend on (for whatever reason)

    A daily smoker who smokes at night and perhaps a few puffs here and there, will have a much easier time (or no issues at all) than someone like my friend who cannot for the life of her stop dabbing one after the other. I would try and get some CBD distillate (pure hemp) it could really help ease some of the edge. Good luck :)
  4. This individually, a complete cleansing will occur in 2 weeks. Your body is fine, but the brain rebels. Here you just have to endure, it will be easier for you, believe me, to go through it.

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