Quitting smoking to get with this girl.

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  1. So this girl who I have wanted to get with for almost 2 years now, suddenly came out and said she has always had a thing for me but just never told me. But she can't stand my smoking habit (cigs) what should i do? since I dont wanna quit smoking it helps me with stress and anxiety
  2. i should add she hates it because one of her family members died due to a cig realted death. But she smokes mad herb, she use to sell it in highschool
  3. just do it behind her back
  4. I'd have to disagree with the last part. You get wound up because you pine after a cigarette, which creates stress. When you smoke your cigarette, you are relieving that stress.

    I gotta say, I firmly agree with her stance on the issue, but don't want to take away your right to choose to do it.

    This situation seems win-win lose-lose however, you either give up a bad habit and get the girl, or you keep the bad habit and lose her.

    What's worth more to you, cigarettes or the girl? If the answer is cigarettes, you might need to sort out your priorities.
  5. If you actually like her then I don't see why not. The first couple days may suck, if you are actually truly addicted and would get withdrawls if stopped, but it would be worth it to get with her.

    Look on the bright side, you can still some bud.
  6. Honestly if this was a quit weed for your girl, I'd say do it on your own time and don't say anything.

    Cigarettes are another thing, a cigarette is different and I'd say just quit the cigarettes and blaze with her lots. You'll feel a lot better because honestly cigarettes aren't really worth it.

    They do feel chill for the time your smoking them, but could you go without having that smoke? It can be done. Usually people have serious cigarette withdrawls, but if you ask her to help you quit and if you two smoke a lot and hang out a lot your mind will be off the tobacco and after a few weeks you won't even crave one anymore.

    Stick to green and girls, is what I always say :D

  7. Yea, i told her I am gonna try and quitfor her.
  8. I'm just hoping i dont relapse, cause then she'll think i was lieing and maybe lose her?
  9. Pussy...or cancer


    Pretty simple decision if I had to make it. If she wanted you to give up weed, fuck her. But quitting cigs in reward for some poon is as good an incentive as you could ask for

  10. Ha, never thought of it that way. good point.
  11. I've read that the cigarettes actually cause the stress and anxiety.
  12. Quit smoking the cancer and use that money for herbage.
  13. Look at the pros and cons:

    You get with the chick you've always wanted.
    You get to stop smoking gross ass cigarettes.


    Wtf are you waiting for?
  14. pussy and weed beats out cigzzz

  15. word.
    use that pussy as motivation to quit smoking cigs
  16. cancer 4 lyf!
  17. Fuck the cigarettes. Smoke weed.:D
  18. Just know that you don't have to quit on your own, there are a lot of programs and methods out there that are proven to work. Calling up the quitline could even help as they know the most effective ways of quitting cigarettes.
  19. I'm sorry, but inhaling any burning plant matter into ones lungs is going to cause problems in my view...

    However, tobacco smoking is not a good habit, and it would be doing you a favour to quit; this is coming from a hypocritical smoker...
  20. I happen to agree with you there Ralta, but if marijuana was legalised we'd have easier options to consume/inhale marijuana safely. Those methods being vaporisers and edibles.

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