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  1. hello my fellow GC friends, ive been smoking cigarettes since i was 14, and just a week ago i lost one of my teeth due to smoking. And so im trying to force myself to quit, but just can't. suggestions... other than going to classes... If there's any post-smokers out there, please tell me wut you did to quit. I know this is more of an internal conflict but i felt i needed to vent. sorry for the post if it seems useless. feel free to delete it if you fell the need. i just was goin thru all my options.
  2. I'm a current 10-20 cigs a day smoker. My best advice is to step down slowly. Don't fight urges at first, but don't give in to "useless cigs". Smoke the ones you NEED not the ones you WANT. Also, carry only a cig or two with you when you're going out, and moderate when you want to smoke it. For someone who's been smoking for many years cold turkey is suicide.

    Obviously you don't NEED cigs, but in cig lingo you do. A crave is a need.

    Good luck, dude. Good luck.
  3. I smoked for 25 years, was a pack a day smoker and quit cold turkey. It's been over 6 years since I've had a smoke. I didn't have any trouble doing it either... none of the wicked cravings, no withdrawals to speak of. I can't really give you step by step instructions on how to quit because it was an impulsive thing. I was actually pulling in to a convenience store to buy a pack when I turned the wheel and got back on the road, making the decision right then and there. In my mind, I snuck up on the addiction when it wasn't looking. From then on, everytime I got the urge to light up a cig, I'd grab my pipe and take a hit. Needless to say, I was high all the time, BUT it broke my addiction to nicotine. Taking a hit would ease that compulsion to bring a cigarette to my lips and puff. Some would say I was substituting weed for cigarettes, and it's true... to a point. I wasn't actually smoking an entire bowl each time I wanted a cigarette, just a hit. Then I'd put it out of my mind until I thought about it again.

    I'm sure this has been no help in your desire to quit. I've never known this story to help anyone quit. I just put it out there as an example to show that it can be done. You've just got to find your own way of doing it. Good luck... and I mean that. I'm all for people giving up cigarettes. It's a fucking nasty habit.:cool:
  4. this might sound harsh or asshole-ish. but just fucking quit.

    just do it already.

    i know its hard, i know it sucks, i know you shake and youre irritable and cranky and just one fucking cig will make it all stop...but just dont smoke.

    do it week by week.

    just do it. you fucking lost a tooth, what more motivation is it gonna take? lung cancer? emphesyma? your body was giving you a warning, take it.

    i know its gonna take courage but just fucking quit for your sake man. good luck.
  5. I bow to those who have been smoking for longer than I have and quit cold turkey. I've only been smoking cigs for a year, and I'm on pack number 280 right now. I enjoy it too much to quit. I don't smoke because I'm addicted, but because I love smoking. I smoked for three months rarely inhaling because i just love the taste of cigs.
  6. I smoke them once in a while but never ended up addicted.. My advise is to try to slowly lower your dosage. It really works. In stead of smoking a whole cig smoke half maybe 3 quarters and butt it out. Put it back in the pack or toss it. Then slowly go down to one or two puffs and then try to quit cold turkey..good luck to you my friend and I hope it works out for the better.
  7. st. johnswart and herb

    look it up it's used for quitting stuff getting sleep getting outta depression ect...

    europe seems to love this lil plant and the studies prove much of it

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