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quitting smoking cigarettes.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by supersmokin, May 27, 2010.

  1. Finally. Im starting buying cutting from a pack a day to a half a pack then in 2 weeks im going down to 6 or 7 a day etc and etc.

    wish me luck! Im just tired of coughing and spending money on cigarettes when it could be on bud.
  2. Good luck man, just don't give up
  3. I've tried to quit before, but I always secretly didn't want to quit. This time I really want to quit and I wont give up. Ill just use marijuana as a crutch for quitting.:smoking:
  4. I quit a month ago, I believe that any one can do it, just stay strong and keep busy. I quit cold Turkey which is something i suggest you try, I know it's going to be a complete bitch but trust me after about 2 weeks the cravings die or at the very least they are very weak.

    Every time I though I couldn't take it anymore I just got really pissed and screamed and went outside for a jog, I dono why but screaming in anger really helped me lol.
  5. you cig smokers are intense, i wouldnt smoke 6 of those a day i would be dying lol, i dont think i could handle just one whole one.

    too much chemicals for me.
  6. 17 here been smokin since 9 :\ And my lungs are srsly fucked. I got chantix from my dad and it doesnt do shit.

    Im jonsin too bad right now. i almost passed out? :eek:

    I used to be able to take fat ass dome rips now ill cough for an hour if i try.

    Ciggarettes are hell. and i have no will power to quit >:| Im around them constantly i couldnt go with one for 3 hours.

  7. Oops.

    Anyway, good luck on giving up. I'm lucky in that I tried cigarettes and hated the taste, but i'm still addicted to the act of smoking :p I find it so relaxing, even if it isn't Cannabis.
  8. hahahahah slayed.
  9. PWN'T.

    Good luck man, I wish I could gather the strength and mind power to quit.
  10. sounds like a good plan. your habit seems much worse than mine it takes about 5 days for me to get through a pack. but i dont really want to quit right now because I am on a break and dont want to snap at everyone.
  11. i think weed actually has more chemicals if your going to count lol
  12. that's the problem, everytime i quit, i kinda knew i would smoke again, what made you really decide it was gonna be over?
  13. Way to go! I did that, about 40 years ago, and marijuana totally worked to get me off cigarettes. Good luck with your quitting tobacco. :)
  14. #15 Bongin Shaman, May 27, 2010
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    nah man, weed has just over 400 chemicals

    cigarettes contain over 4000 i win

    replace cigarettes with marijuana cigarettes.
  15. oh yeah i counted them all.
  16. Good luck, man. I'd recommend quitting cold turkey, though. I tried the "cutting back" method a few times and I would usually stay at 4 cigs a day, until I let myself have a 5th, then a 6th...

    It really is all will power. And believe me when I say, it's a simple as not letting yourself have one. Whenever I tried to quit, I'd always break by reasoning myself into having one, like I thought I actually needed one. Nobody on the face of this planet has ever needed a cigarette. You don't need a cigarette. Ever. Just don't let yourself make an excuse to have one.

    Oh, and yeah, I smoked a hell of a lot more weed when I quit cigs :D I think it's the bite at the back of your throat that I couldn't quit. And big rips supply such a feeling :smoking:

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