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Discussion in 'General' started by HighThereJackie, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. I made it my news years resolution to quit smoking poppers, and be tobacco free, however... I'm going up to visit some friends who only smoke poppers, I don't know if I'll be able to deal. Anyone quit that can give me some tips on how they managed?

  2. you could move up to gil scot 
  3. Smoke blunts instead
  4. Never smoked weed mixed with tobacco...but I did quit cigs cold turkey years ago, hardest thing I've ever done....
    If these folks are real friends they should be able to support your decision to quit tobacco...or just don't hang with them for a while, and let it be known why....quitting tobacco will have the most positive effect on your health of anything you can do....
  5. I had the same issue man. Your mind is gunna find all the reasons to do it and not to quit. Lots of pros IMO you regain the normal sense of smoking weed, yes that initial rush is not there anymore but do not cling to that, know that you are getting more from your bud and high if you do not do poppers (I always got less high atleast) And it really is a dirtier way of smokin bongs man, be the bigger man, the fight is all mental, youll be fine:) I quit doing them for a while, then had like a month span of doing it and eventually needing more batch and this and that I was like fuck it, fuck that, weed is what it is.
  6. to manage get your mind off tobacco, if need be, stay away from people who use tobacco, so that urge might go away.
    really its all about your mindset though, if you truly want to quit, you can...but if you give yourself reasons to not quit, it will only prolong the process.
    don't underestimate the power of your brain, willpower is all you need to kick the habit
  7. Been tabacco free for 7 years, went cold turky. If ur having trouble quitting try reading the book "the easy way to quit smoking".

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  8. i started smoking a lot more blunts,than i used to.. didnt really have much of a craving for poppers/chops/moles anymore after that. get some backwoods and roll one to the face 
  9. I really appreciate everyone's support! I know it's going to be hard, but I feel like I've got the support I've needed :) Thanks blades, I'll update how the weekend goes.
  10. DONT SMOKE POPPERSTo many people here do them. Yes it conserves weed but you're spending just as much money buying batch (tobacco). If you want to quit poppers don't hangout with people that smoke poppers. A buddy of mine gets headaches/dizziness from hitting straight green. He can ONLY hit poppers. Has a smoke very hour and hits poppers every 20 minutes on weekends. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  11. is getting a dirty high from nicotine worth creating chest pains and lung problems for yourself when your older?think about that. its fucking nicotine dude. it gives you a shitty little dopamine rush. not even a highSent from my iPhone.
  12. I've definitely cut back, but it's hard to go cold turkey. I've been smoking more joints lately
  13. Poppers totally mean something else here, lmao.
  14. i had to give my $250 dollar zob away and stop hanging out with people who smoke them.  if i'm around it i get too tempted. even if i have my own bong i get too tempted
  15. its really tough to go without them, but I just had a joint sesh while my friend while they smoked pops and I feel great!
  16. I know those feels OP im pretty much there right now, instead of quitting cold turkey though ive been cuttin back to only smoking a pop or 2 AFTER im alrdy nice and fried from a straight green sesh.

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    no it doesn't.
    you post nothing but bullshit...you are a troll on gc forums.
  18. So what's a popper? Just weed mixed with tobacco?
  19. pretty much but its not really MIXED together, its a piece of cig (still with the paper on it usually) is pushed down a tube and weed is put on top. So the tobacco is the last thing u burn before u rip it

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  20. Oh, I do that a lot. It's incognito. 

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