quitting marijuana..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ayoox1, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Jesus grasscity is slowly changing into a bunch of judgmental douches. The OP is sharing his opinion about weed. You can't tell someone their opinion is wrong. Weed affects everyone differently, and he has a right to tell us about it. I respect the OP for making his own dicision and being mature.
  2. Not everyone smokes and OP, you can quit if you want to.

  3. How OP feels about smoking has nothing to do with his 'mental capacity'. Smoking weed is not a skill. If OP no longer wants to smoke than its his decision, he is an individual and this is a decision that he is making as an individual.
  4. Ever hear of Nick Diaz?
  5. Getting off these boards will help you a lot. I've quit to and I'm thinking about leaving because of it.
  6. Good luck man, I know where your at. I know weed limits me because I don't do shit high when I have the option not to do it, and my life is kind of a blur. Anyways hope you improve your life and good luck again.
  7. Weed's not for everyone. Sorry the experience didn't go as well as it has for the rest of us. Best of luck to you!

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